Veracruz is historically forced passage of irregular migrants, mostly Central Americans, who seek to reach the United States.

An irregular Central American migrant was killed and 81 others were injured on Tuesday (04.02.2020) after a truck carrying them overturned on a highway in the state of Veracruz – in southeastern Mexico, a road commonly used for illegal trafficking of people. authorities reported.

Migrants, originally from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, were transferred to various hospitals in the state of Veracruz, the National Guard and Civil Protection said separately. The authorities did not specify the causes of the accident.

The State Civil Protection Secretariat said that the accident occurred around 08.00 local time (14.00 GMT) on Tuesday on federal highway 180 at the height of the municipality of San Andrés Tuxtla, a jungle region of southern Veracruz.

Civil Protection of Veracruz said that in the area where the accident occurred a temporary shelter was provided to provide lodging, food and medical care to those who did not require hospitalization.

The truck transported migrants from southern Mexico to its border with the United States, when the unit driver lost control. The heavy unit overturned and in the place caused the death of a migrant, still unidentified, as well as the injured, the majority with minor injuries that were treated in the place by paramedics of various instances.

Due to its geographical location, Veracruz is historically a forced step for irregular migrants, mostly Central Americans, who seek to reach the United States. However, there are at least three drug cartels operating in that place that dispute the routes of drug transport and migrant transit, the collection of floor rights (business extortion) and the kidnapping industry.


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