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Metal sculptor creates art treasure hunt in river valley for adventurous Edmontonians

An artist has created an experience for adventurous Edmontonians eager to get out of the house.

Metal sculptor Slavo Cech started an art treasure hunt in the river valley featuring his work.

For the last two weeks, the Belland family has been on the hunt to find it.

“You plan the day out (and say), ‘OK, we’re going to start at this part of the river valley, (then) we’re going to here for lunch, (then) we’re going to eat our food in the car, then we’re going to head out again and check this area if no one’s found it yet,’” art hunter Robert Belland said.

The family first heard about the art hunt on social media.

“We saw the #arthuntyeg hashtag and people were talking and wandering the river valley finding these pieces of art,” art hunter Jennifer Belland said.

Tired of being cooped up inside, the Bellands couldn’t wait to give it a shot.

“The idea of finding this treasure along the river valley we thought would be a great way to get outside and explore what Edmonton has,” Jennifer Belland said.

The treasure is a handmade piece of art created and hidden by Cech.

“The one that’s hidden right now… (it’s) been hidden for two weeks, so people are actively looking for that one, and that one’s titled Ravine Grasses,” Cech said.

This is the second year Cech has hidden art for people to find.

He said he does it to give back, after getting much support through this pandemic.

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The art is not only captivating but also worth a pretty penny.

“These works are quite valuable in a gallery setting ,they sort of could range from $1,200 to $2,000,” Cech said.

He said if you find it, you get to keep it, but he doesn’t make it that easy.

The Bellands have been out multiple times and have come up emptyhanded.

“The river valley is huge. It’s fun to try and figure out clues and hear what people have already tried, what pathways they been on,” Jennifer Belland said.

As much as they would like to find the treasure, the Bellands said it’s all just worth it to get out with the family and spend some quality time together.

“To know what’s happening around Edmonton and want to bring joy to people, I think that’s wonderful — such an amazing thing to happen here,” Jennifer Belland said.

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