Lisa Reveals Her New Boyfriend After Short-Lived Marriage With Usman

Lisa Reveals Her New Boyfriend After Short-Lived Marriage With Usman

90 Day Fiance star Lisa Hamme has bid goodbye to her past with Usman. She was among the break out stars from the fourth season of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” Lisa was in a relationship with Usman Umar on the TLC show. By the end of it, the two tied the knot. However, their short-lived marriage came to an end after they spilled the dirt on each other on social media.

The feud reached a point where Lisa accused Usman of scamming her. Now, it seems that the two might never get back together. However, Lisa found herself a new boyfriend and has finally moved on.

90 Day Fiance: Lisa Reveals Her New ‘Baby Boy’ On Instagram

Lisa shared a video on her Instagram, featuring a well-built man dancing. She captioned that this is her new partner. She referred to him as ‘baby boy’ and thanked him for sending over the video. Although Lisa and Usman are yet to get a divorce, it seems that Lisa has already moved past him.

90 Day Fiance: Usman Accused Lisa Of Abusing Him And Using Disrespectful Words

Usman has claimed to initiate divorce proceedings against Lisa on social media. He accused her of swindling him from his hard-earned money. The Nigerian reality TV star also said that he would have a grand celebration once he gets divorced. It seems that things have gone too sour and irreconcilable between them. Just recently, Usman blew Lisa’s claims of him being gay. He cleared in his Instagram post that he is not gay, nor he has any LBGTQ community.

How Did Things Go Bad To Worse Between Usman And Lisa?

90 Day Fiance Star Lisa Hamme Says She Is Done With Estranged Husband Usman Umar

Lisa and Usman’s relationship went downhill in June. It followed a leaked version of the Tell All showed Usman accusing Lisa of using the N-word. Later, Usman remarked that Lisa’s disrespectful attitude is taking better of him. He even accused her of using racial slurs in their arguments. Lisa admitted to using offensive language after which, she was fired from the show.

The estranged couple continued to bite each other on social media. Now, it will be interesting to see how Usman will react to Lisa’s new boyfriend.

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