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The new NBC Sports Premier League schedule for the 2019-20 season has been released for the final day, with times, channels and dates for the final week confirmed and here’s how you can watch it all live on TV in the USA and via Peacock online.

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The final day sees 10 Premier League games aired across five channels, with the remaining five games on Peacock and NBC Sports Gold.

With games spread out across multiple days and many in separate time slots, it has been an amazing party since the restart as the league returned on June 17 after being suspended on March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite games being played in empty stadiums at home venues, it has been one heck of a celebration.

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The full TV schedule for the games this month are below, plus you can watch every single second of every single game live online via NBC Sports.com, the NBC Sports App and by purchasing the “Premier League Pass” via NBC Sports Gold and the new Peacock streaming service from NBC.

Below is the new schedule for the Premier League on NBC Sports from June 17 to July 26, as the channels for the final day of the 2019-20 season is now confirmed and here’s how to watch in the USA.

Premier League: How to watch, schedule in USA (all times EST)

Matchday 29

Wednesday, June 17: Aston Villa 0-0 Sheffield United
Wednesday, June 17: Man City 3-0 Arsenal

Matchday 30

Friday, June 19: Norwich 0-3 Southampton
Friday, June 19: Tottenham 1-1 Man United
Saturday, June 20: Watford 1-1 Leicester
Saturday, June 20: Brighton 2-1 Arsenal
Saturday, June 20: West Ham 0-2 Wolves
Saturday, June 20: Bournemouth 0-2 Crystal Palace
Sunday, June 21: Newcastle 3-0 Sheffield United
Sunday, June 21: Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea
Sunday, June 21: Everton 0-0 Liverpool
Monday, June 22: Man City 5-0 Burnley

Matchday 31

Tuesday, June 23: Leicester 0-0 Brighton
Tuesday, June 23: Tottenham 2-0 West Ham
Wednesday, June 24: Man United 3-0 Sheffield United
Wednesday, June 24: Newcastle 1-1 Aston Villa
Wednesday, June 24: Norwich 0-1 Everton
Wednesday, June 24: Wolves 1-0 Bournemouth
Wednesday, June 24: Liverpool 4-0 Palace
Thursday, June 25: Southampton 0-2 Arsenal
Thursday, June 25: Burnley 1-0 Watford
Thursday, June 25: Chelsea 2-1 Man City

Matchday 32

Saturday, June 27: Aston Villa 0-1 Wolves
Sunday, June 28: Watford 1-3 Southampton
Monday, June 29: Crystal Palace 0-1 Burnley
Tuesday, June 30: Brighton 0-3 Man United
Wednesday, July 1: Everton 2-1 Leicester
Wednesday, July 1: Bournemouth 1-4 Newcastle
Wednesday, July 1: Arsenal 4-0 Norwich
Wednesday, July 1: West Ham 3-2 Chelsea
Thursday, July 2: Sheffield United 3-1 Tottenham
Thursday, July 2: Man City 4-0 Liverpool

Matchday 33

Saturday, July 4: Norwich City 0-1 Brighton
Saturday, July 4: Leicester 3-0 Crystal Palace
Saturday, July 4: Man United 5-2 Bournemouth
Saturday, July 4: Wolves 0-2 Arsenal
Saturday, July 4: Chelsea 3-0 Watford
Sunday, July 5: Burnley 1-1 Sheffield United
Sunday, July 5: Newcastle United 2-2 West Ham
Sunday, July 5: Liverpool 2-0 Aston Villa
Sunday, July 5: Southampton 1-0 Man City
Monday, July 6: Tottenham 1-0 Everton

Matchday 34

Tuesday, July 7: Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea
Tuesday, July 7: Watford 2-1 Norwich City
Tuesday, July 7: Arsenal 1-1 Leicester City
Wednesday, July 8: Man City 5-0 Newcastle
Wednesday, July 8: Sheffield United 1-0 Wolves
Wednesday, July 8: West Ham 0-1 Burnley
Wednesday, July 8: Brighton 1-3 Liverpool
Thursday, July 9: Bournemouth 0-0 Tottenham
Thursday, July 9: Everton 1-1 Southampton
Thursday, July 9: Aston Villa 0-3 Manchester United

Matchday 35

Saturday, July 11: Norwich City 0-4 West Ham
Saturday, July 11: Watford 2-1 Newcastle United
Saturday, July 11: Liverpool 1-1 Burnley
Saturday, July 11: Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea
Saturday, July 11: Brighton 0-5 Manchester City
Sunday, July 12: Wolves 3-0 Everton
Sunday, July 12: Aston Villa 2-1 Crystal Palace
Sunday, July 12: Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal
Sunday, July 12: Bournemouth 4-1 Leicester City
Monday, July 13: Man United 2-2 Southampton

Matchday 36

Tuesday, July 14: Chelsea 1-0 Norwich
Wednesday, July 15: Burnley 1-1 Wolves
Wednesday, July 15: Man City 2-1 Bournemouth
Wednesday, July 15: Newcastle 1-3 Tottenham
Wednesday, July 15: Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool
Thursday, July 16: Everton 1-1 Aston Villa
Thursday, July 16: Leicester 2-0 Sheffield United
Thursday, July 16: Crystal Palace 0-2 Man United
Thursday, July 16: Southampton 1-1 Brighton
Friday, July 17: West Ham 3-1 Watford

Matchday 37

Saturday, July 18: Norwich City 0-2 Burnley
Sunday, July 19: Bournemouth 0-2 Southampton
Sunday, July 19: Tottenham 3-0 Leicester
Monday, July 20: Brighton 0-0 Newcastle
Monday, July 20: Sheffield United 0-1 Everton
Monday, July 20: Wolves 2-0 Crystal Palace
Tuesday, July 21: Watford 0-4 Man City
Tuesday, July 21: Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal
Wednesday, July 22: Man United 1-1 West Ham
Wednesday, July 22: Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

Matchday 38

Sunday, July 26: Arsenal v. Watford, 11am ET, Golf Channel
Sunday, July 26: Burnley v. Brighton, 11am ET, Gold/Peacock
Sunday, July 26: Chelsea v. Wolves, 11am ET, USA
Sunday, July 26: Crystal Palace v. Tottenham, 11am ET, Gold/Peacock
Sunday, July 26: Everton v. Bournemouth, 11am ET, CNBC
Sunday, July 26: Leicester City v. Man United, 11am ET, NBC
Sunday, July 26: Man City v. Norwich City, 11am ET, Gold/Peacock
Sunday, July 26: Newcastle v. Liverpool, 11am ET, Gold/Peacock
Sunday, July 26: Southampton v. Sheffield United, 11am ET, Gold/Peacock
Sunday, July 26: West Ham v. Aston Villa, 11am ET, NBCSN

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