• Britain is testing a new concept in wildlife conservation

    Britain is testing a new concept in wildlife conservation0

    Even conservationists often cook their own soup. For the first time, organizations in the UK are working hand in hand to rescue endangered species. With success. Talking about the weather is a popular sport for the British, and the conversation among the volunteers in the dunes of Sefton Coast is no exception. They have gathered here on a

  • Why measles are so dangerous0

    No, measles is not a pure childhood disease, and there is no need to mess around with measles. An infection can be life-threatening – for children and adults. First signs of possible measles infection are red, itchy spots. First and foremost, they are visible behind the ears. Three days before they appear, the amount of viruses is greatest. The

  • Climate protection: the five most important steps0

    Climate change is becoming a matter of survival. Weather extremes are increasing and sea level is rising. In order to stop global warming, the emission of greenhouse gases has to decrease very fast. Which measures help? 1. Renewable energies instead of coal, oil and gas Since the beginning of industrialization, the Earth’s temperature has increased by one degree. The

  • Africa’s fight against ill food

    Africa’s fight against ill food0

    Spoiled foods cause huge health and economic damage in Africa. While laws ensure safe export products, consumer protection in African countries needs to be improved. Small flies are omnipresent in markets. They are buzzing around, eating food. They are not only annoying but also dangerous. Because flies can transmit pathogens such as Salmonella or E. coli and cause gastrointestinal

  • How does cancer develop in the cell and in the body?

    How does cancer develop in the cell and in the body?0

    Although about half of all cancers can now be cured – what is actually happening in our body? Why do healthy cells suddenly mutate into deadly monsters? Our body is made up of different cell types , totaling about 100 trillion. These cells divide only when necessary for the body, such as to replace  old or defective cells . A complex system

  • Cancer screening: Which examinations are important?

    Cancer screening: Which examinations are important?0

    The earlier tissue changes are detected, the greater the chance of getting cancer out of the early stages. Here are five diagnostic methods that can prevent worse and save lives. The early detection of  cancer is really important. Smallest tissue changes are detected by them at a time when they still cause no pain or other discomfort. Most patients do