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Kim Kardashian Stunt-Wrapped Her Lamborghini In SKIMS Fabric

Yeah, I know. My best guess here is that Kim Kardashian realized she needed to hold auditions for new models for her SKIMS fashion line since the previous ones (she and her sisters) didn’t look realistic enough and more natural proportions were called for in order to showcase all the sizzling sweatshop fashun. She still held true to her principles and went with a factory-assembled object with plenty of third-party add-ons, but one that has far more pathos and presence than the previous crop:  Her $200K Lamborghini Urus.

According to The Sun, the car that looks like a mutant, mechanized sheep that lost its flock is Kim’s way of introducing the “Cozy” line’s new range of bras and leisurewear.

via The Sun:

Kim, 40, exited her Los Angeles mansion to see her Lambo decked out head to toe in the same cozy fabric from her SKIMS line that was wrapped around her car.

The TV personality then showed off the expensive ride which had it’s complete exterior AND interior redone with the material.

Even the tire’s hubcap was engulfed with the cozy collection, along with the insides seats, roof, steering wheel, floor and even the custom SKIMS license plate.

She posted some snaps lounging next to the car wearing her cozy line’s new bra top, sweatpants and slides – even sunbathing on the hood in one picture.

“OMG isn’t this the cutest and funniest thing ever??? A new lambo w everything @skims cozy fabric,” Kim captioned the shots.

Here is the shoot for this lint-wrapped load of WTF:

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A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian)

And while this taste-challenged gaggle of Kardashian famewhores can usually depend on their brainwashed fan base to cheer on and support whatever sartorial or other fuckery they inflict on the public, this time the comments were sprinkled with detractors, too:

The Instagram comments included a swipe about many people not being able to afford food while she’s wasting money on frivolous shit like this, but they must have missed Kim’s guided tour of her pantry and refrigerator, which would totally feed a small country if they’d only just call first.

Don’t hate. Kim and her ear-busting vocal fry have had a rough year, with her divorce from Kanye West and getting unfollowed by him on Twitter, failing the baby bar not once but twice, and now dealing with all the pent-up emotion she wishes she could express through her latest face update, 10.7.9, for the very last episode of KUWTK. But don’t worry, because her Lambo is all decked out in what appears to be hundreds of yards of cheap, loopy toweling material, and ready to absorb all the tears she’ll be straining to cry.

Pic: SKIMS/Instagram

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