Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Spencer among victims in East Village slashing

Kelsey Grammer's daughter Spencer among victims in East Village slashing

Kelsey Grammer’s actress daughter Spencer was slashed in the arm at an East Village restaurant Friday night when she and a pal bravely confronted a blade-wielding drunk who then turned his weapon on them, sources told The Post Saturday.

The mayhem erupted at around 11:30 p.m. at The Black Ant on Second Avenue when a man, who appeared intoxicated, tried to get a table. He was rebuffed because the restaurant was about to close — sending him into an unhinged tailspin, sources and bystanders said.

The drunk wouldn’t leave the resaurant,, and instead began fighting with a male diner, who picked up a chair and started swinging it — and soon, more than a dozen employees and onlookers joined in the full-blown sidewalk free-for-all.

Grammer, 36, a voiceover star on the popular “Rick and Morty” cartoon, and her friend, Jan Phillip Mueller, 31, were either eating there or just passing by, and rushed to help even as the drunken man started swinging a blade or a broken bottle.

“Everyone jumped out of their seats. About 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart,” a witness named David told The Post of the drunk and the chair-swinging diner.

“It looked like there was a full on brawl.”

In the chaos, the assailant slashed Grammer in the right forearm, and Mueller across the back, police said.

Both were taken to Bellevue Hospital, where they were treated for their injuries and released, police said.

By the time police arrived about a minute later, the spurned diner, described by David as buff, bald and wearing a white shirt, and who may have had a female companion — fled down Third Street.

“First I heard yelling,” said David, whose windows overlook the sidewalk where the melee broke out.

Looking out his window, he saw the two men fighting — the angry drunk and the diner who was swinging a chair and swearing loudly, David told The Post.

“Some people got up to try to separate them,” David said of the two combatants.

“Some surrounded the guy with the chair, and some surrounded the stabber, before he became a stabber,” David said.

“It looked like there was a full-on brawl. At one point a table got knocked over. Everyone jumped out of their seats — about 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart.”

Screams of “Stop! Stop!” rose from the scrum.

“One guy was tyring to restrain the stabber,” David said of Grammer’s courageous pal.

“Then I saw blood coming out of the lower right hand side of his back. I saw enough blood coming out to tell that something was going on,” he said of his decision to then call 911.

Meanwhile, other customers managed to wrestle the blade-swinging drunk to the ground, “but he was really well built, so he got away” by running down nearby Third Street, he said.

The police arrived within a minute of his 911 call, David said, but the buff slasher was gone.

“He was definitely too intoxicated,” a witness told ABC 7 of the raging knifeman. “And he took his actions from one thing to another, and he hurt people who had nothing to do with his actual issue.”

Dried blood remained on the sidewalk outside Saturday afternoon.

“I’ve been quarantining outside of the city and had just gotten back, and there is a stabbing outside of my apartment,” David said. “This is my welcome back to New York.”

Grammer — best known as the voiceover actor for the role “Summer Smith” on the Adult swim animated sci-fi series “Rick and Morty” — did not answer the door at her nearby East Village pad on Saturday.

She also portrayed Casey Cartwright on “Greek,” the ABC Family college dramedy.

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