Justin Fields starts #WeWantToPlay petition

Justin Fields starts #WeWantToPlay petition

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Justin Field isn’t taking postponement for an answer.

The Ohio State quarterback has started a petition aimed at reversing the decision to cancel the Big Ten fall 2020 football season. The Big Ten hopes to play the 2020 season in the spring of 2021.

“We, the football players of the Big Ten, together with the fans and supporters of college football, request that the Big Ten Conference immediately reinstate the 2020 football season,” the petition states. “Allow Big Ten players/teams to make their own choice as to whether they wish to play or opt out this fall season. Allow Big Ten players/teams who choose to opt out of playing a fall season to do so without penality [sic] or repercussion.”

As of this posting, more than 116,000 persons have signed the online petition.

Fields, a top prospect for the 2021 NFL draft, could pass on playing in the spring, unless the NFL delays the draft. Even then, Fields may not be interested in playing his final college season and first NFL season in the same calendar year.

There’s also no guarantee that the Big Ten will be able to pull it off in the spring, under the standard that prompted the Big Ten to pull the plug for the fall. Which means that, if the Big Ten doesn’t play in the fall, there’s a good chance it won’t play a 2020 season, either sooner or later.

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