Jets LB Jordan Jenkins is “tired of f-g losing”

Jets LB Jordan Jenkins is "tired of f-g losing"

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Linebacker Jordan Jenkins was a third-round pick of the Jets in 2016 and he’s spent his entire career with the team, so he hasn’t done much winning over the course of his career.

The Jets have gone 21-43 since Jenkins joined the team, but that didn’t stop him from re-signing with the team this offseason. In a Thursday media session, Jenkins suggested the one-year, $5 million deal wasn’t exactly what he was looking for after posting 15 sacks over the last two seasons, but said he’s happy to be back under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ tutelage.

Jenkins also made it clear that all the years on the wrong side of .500 have taken a toll on him.

“A lot of unforeseen things happened in free agency,” Jenkins said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “With the pandemic outbreak, some guys didn’t get what they’re supposed to get and all this other stuff. But honestly, happy to be back with the Jets. Always loved [Williams] and the staff that’s around here. And honestly, when I came here, the Jets didn’t have really a winning history and it really sucks that in the last four years we couldn’t get it done. But me being back here, being here four and going on five years, I’m tired of f—–g losing. So now, you’ve just got to ramp s–t up and try to get the ball rolling.”

Jenkins said he hopes the team is close to changing their fortunes in the standings and thinks the continuity from last year’s staff should be a plus for the team, but, as he pointed out, history doesn’t provide much reason for optimism about the Jets’ record.

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