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Jennifer Lopez’s Former Publicist Thinks She Kept Her Demure Pink Diamond Engagement Ring From Ben Affleck

We’re entering week three of Operation: Revive Bennifer, and if you’ve recently complained about how tired your ass is, then stop it, because you have no idea! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s PR teams have been mainlining Red Bull and duct-taping their eyelids open because STUNT QUEEN-ing never sleeps and they’ve been working overtime and then some. We’ve already heard that Bennifer took their reunion tour to Montana and that Ben began wooing JLo back in February with emails of pure romance. One “source” claimed that JLo was reminded how Ben “owns her heart with his pen” (not a typo, I meant “pen” and not “peen“). So whichever PR intern came up with that line of poetry is obviously the reincarnation of Shakespeare! Not only does it seem like JLo’s current PR team is working hard for her, but even her former publicists are also working it hard. Rob Shuter, who was JLo’s publicist during Bennifer’s origin run, isn’t surprised that they’re hanging out again and also believes that JLo held onto the pink diamond engagement ring that Ben gave her.

Rob Shuter, who hosts the Naughty But Nice podcast, tells Access Daily (via The Daily Mail) that JLo and Ben are back together and he doesn’t think JLo ever returned the 6-carat Harry Winston pink diamond engagement ring (that reportedly cost anywhere from $1.2 million to $4 million) that Ben gave her, or pawned it off, or donated it to the Museum of True Love.

Rob gossiped: ‘Jennifer falls hard and she falls fast and so these two – they’re definitely a couple. They’re together!’

He said that Ben ‘was the love of her life’ and ‘broke her heart,’ theorizing that she may still have their original engagement ring.

‘As far as I know Jen has never returned the ring so if things move forward with these two, gosh, she’s already got the most beautiful ring I’ve seen,’ he teased.

‘It’s absolutely stunning. I was with her once and it is blinding. I almost thought – forgive me Jen – it almost was QVCish ’cause it was just so large I didn’t think it was real. She said: “Don’t touch it. It real,”‘ Rob recalled.

I’ll believe it when I see JLo working that pink diamond in a Charming Charlie ad campaign promoting the Bennifer4EVA line of pink CZ rings. And as A-Rod tries to pathetically milk some sympathy over JLo moving on to Ben (SPOILER ALERT: Didn’t work!), more sources are piping up to People to say that Ben did reach out to JLo after splitting up with Ana de Armas but only because he thought she wasn’t with A-Rod anymore. The source wants everyone to know that Ben isn’t a homewrecker, and in his defense, it’s kind of hard to wreck a home that’s already been wrecked by A-Rod’s alleged home-destroying sledgehammer dick:

“He was basically checking up on her,” says the source. “He was single and thought she might be single, too.”

At the time, Lopez, 51, was still with then-fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The former couple announced they were “working through some things” in March before officially parting ways in April. In January, Affleck, 48, had split with then-girlfrend Ana de Armas after first being romantically linked in early 2020.

“It was in no way disrespectful, because he really thought she wasn’t with Alex anymore,” the source says of Affleck reaching out to Lopez.

And yet another source tells People that after getting back from Montana, JLo and Ben are doing their own thing and even though she’s in Miami with her kids, she talks to Ben every single day:

While the two have parted ways since bonding in Montana last week, a source close to the singer, 51, tells PEOPLE, “[Jennifer] is in touch with Ben every day.”

“They are making plans to see each other,” says the source. “Jennifer is still very excited about how things are going with Ben.”

Well, now JLo’s neighbors from the past 17 years know the origin of that angelic sound that haunted them nightly. It was just JLo, sitting in front of an open window while using her nightingale voice to sing out an emotionally raw, acoustic version of Waiting For Tonight while clutching that pink diamond engagement ring and thinking of Ben. And yes, I’m sure a “source” will confirm this in 3..2..1…


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