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Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Bothered By Alex Rodriguez’s Cheating Rumors

Cheating rumors have followed Alex Rodriguez around for years now, and I’m not talking about those rumors that he was cheating on the baseball diamond with steroids, because those rumors were confirmed by himself. We’re talking infidelity-style cheating, like the kind that A-Rod has allegedly been doing over and over and over again. But his fiancé Jennifer Lopez doesn’t pay attention to the rumors.

The latest in a university textbook-sized history of A-Rod’s cheating scandals happened earlier this month when Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy claimed she FaceTimed with A-Rod but that they never had any physical contact with each other. JLo is aware that A-Rod’s name is pretty much synonymous with cheating rumors at this point, but she allegedly doesn’t care about them. JLo explained a few years ago that it doesn’t matter what people say because she knows “the truth.”

Well, JLo is about to leave the country to film Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic (aka the movie Armie Hammer “left” due to “personal reasons“). JLo can worry about whether she packed a 10-pound tub of shiny nude lipgloss, 2” hot rollers, or the personal wind machine she plugs in every time she wears her favorite green Versace dress. What she isn’t worried about is what A-Rod is doing while she’s away. via E!:

A source tells E! News, “JLo is going to the Dominican Republic to film her new movie Shotgun Wedding, and everything is just fine with her and Alex. Jennifer chooses not to pay attention [to the cheating rumors].”

That’s great news for A-Rod and JLo! She trusts him with all her heart, and he’s got a woman who will never get suspicious at an expensive phone bill and wonder out loud why it looks like most of the data is used up in FaceTime calls. Then again, maybe this is a relationship trust exercise they learned in couples counseling, which is something they’ve been doing during the COVID-19 lockdown. JLo recently revealed to Allure magazine that she and A-Rod did some quarantine therapy sessions:

“I miss being creative and running on 150. But Alex, of all people, was like, ‘I love it. I love being at home. I love doing my Zooms. I love knowing the kids are there, and you’re there all the time.’ It has been actually really good. We got to work on ourselves. We did therapy. I think it was really helpful for us in our relationship.”

JLo added that therapy was helpful, so clearly they found the right therapist for them. I can’t imagine that was an easy thing to do. After all, both JLo and A-Rod are extremely famous. And as I said above, those cheating rumors follow A-Rod everywhere. JLo and A-Rod probably went through at least 20 therapists trying to find one that didn’t lead in with, “So, I’m guessing you decided to book today to deal with all that alleged cheating, am I correct?” And we know that JLo doesn’t think about that stuff!


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