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Japanese Life-Size Gundam Robot Replica Officially ‘Unveiled’

The life-size Gundam robot replica Japanese engineers have been working on for months is finally ready for its big debut … even though it’s probably Japan’s worst-kept secret.

The 60-foot machine — made to look like the OG “Mobile Suit Gundam” robot RX-78-2, from the anime show — put extra emphasis on the mobile part of its franchise Sunday … ’cause it’s finally complete, and was very much on the move with a push of a button.

The Gundam Factory in Yokohama unleashed its Frankenstein-ish creation, showing off exactly how it’s able to walk (albeit slowly) on its own … something they were very publicly testing out back in September. Looks like RX can take a few more steps now — which is both awesome and low-key terrifying too.

We love living out our childhoods as much as the next guy or gal, but … unleashing the power of Gundam is just a short-circuit away from this thing getting a mind of its own and starting the robot apocalypse. That just us???

Anyway, word is this thing was made with at least 20 moving parts — massive parts, at that — and it supposedly weighs some 25 tons. It’ll be open to paying customers in December — when folks can climb the observation deck for a closer look.

Not only that, but they’ve also built an on-the-ground simulator so you can act like you’re actually operating this thing from inside the cockpit of the robot’s torso … just like on TV!!!

Again, super cool … but here’s hoping this thing doesn’t go the way of the HAL 9000 😬.

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