The disease is always sudden, and liver disease is no exception. The first step in the prevention and treatment of liver disease is to understand the symptoms and manifestations of liver disease. These symptoms appear, which means we have to be alert to liver disease!

There are many people in life who usually lack understanding of the basic common sense of the main symptoms of liver disease. They clearly have the typical symptoms of liver disease, but they are still in the dark. Finally, when they are discovered, they are already advanced liver disease. There is basically no treatment. Hope. I suggest that you must understand the main symptoms of liver disease. The following are the explanations for the possible symptoms and manifestations of liver disease.

Liver disease is “close” and these symptoms are obvious!

1. Digestive tract performance:

It is typical for patients with liver disease to have discomfort in the digestive tract. Most patients with liver disease may have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting , loss of appetite, lack of strength, diarrhea , and splenomegaly. The liver is a digestive “guardian”, and many manifestations of the digestive tract are likely to be irrelevant to liver disease.

2. Liver area discomfort: Patients with liver disease will also feel uncomfortable in the liver area. If your liver is not affected by external force, the pain will suddenly “fall”, then you should consider whether you have liver disease. Pain in the liver is mostly associated with hepatomegaly pressing the liver capsule. Thinking in a bad direction, the pain caused by liver cancer is not impossible.

3. The whole body performance:

a lady with liver disease

There is no strength in the whole body, and feeling tired when you exercise a little is also a typical symptom of liver disease. There are also some patients with liver disease who have symptoms of jaundice . The main manifestations are yellowing of the eyeballs, yellowing of the skin and yellowing of the urine. When the value of jaundice is high, the patient may have symptoms of itching.

4. Liver palm spider  : Many patients with chronic liver disease will have liver palm, spider mites, and liver disease. These symptoms occur in patients with cirrhosis , but normal people may also have liver palm spider mites. It is not possible to determine that they have liver disease by having a liver palm spider mites.

5. liver ascites: This symptom will only appear in patients with severe liver disease. The presence of hepatic ascites indicates that liver disease has advanced.

When these symptoms appear, we can be alert to liver disease! I have already explained the possible symptoms of liver disease. I hope that everyone can record these symptoms of liver disease in their own hearts. Once they have one or more of these symptoms, they need to be diagnosed and treated. The treatment of liver disease is a long-term process, and it is inevitable that it is a good thing to detect liver disease in time.

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