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Is Netflix making a Berserk movie?

Published back in 1989, the manga Berserk has become one of the greatest seinen stories of all time, having been praised for its amazing story, well-written characters, and heart-wrenching portrayal of psychological trauma.

The story was so great that it didn’t remain unadapted. It received its first anime back in 1997 which garnered tons of positive acclaim. Nineteen years later in 2016, there was another anime adaptation that’s currently on its second season.

With Berserk being so popular, it’s only natural that other adaptations might happen. Could a live-action film for the manga series actually be on the way?

Is Netflix making a live-action Berserk movie?

Unfortunately, no.

According to What’s On Netflix, rumors came about after a fan-made poster featuring the character Guts circulated around Instagram, making fans believe that a Berserk Netflix film was coming later this year. (You can check out the poster here.)

It’s a really amazing (and convincing) piece of fan art, but unfortunately, it was only wishful thinking.

While Netflix isn’t planning on making a live-action film for the acclaimed series, the streaming platform does house all three of the Berserk films in the “Golden Arc Age” saga. So if you were hoping for some kind of a movie adaptation, these movies might satisfy your Guts and Casca desire.

As of right now, a Berserk live-action movie isn’t coming any time soon to Netflix, but there’s still time for that to change, since new film ideas develop constantly. Maybe executives at the streaming service will take note of the rumor, see the manga’s ongoing popularity, and consider a live-action project in the future?

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Would you like to see a live-action Berserk movie or should the manga simply remain animated? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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