For the past few months, Chris Lee been hinting at a new project that he was working on called Blogger List. It’s something that I have personally wanted/needed myself for a long time. He got the initial idea for it almost two years ago.

He have been working online full-time for about five years now. During that time, Chris Lee always longed for a friendly, helpful community of people doing the same work as he do.

I’ve tried joining many communities in the past. From subreddits to Facebook groups to the forums that many of you still visit frequently. None of them lasted very long. Some were high quality groups, but 99% of them are overrun by spam, repetitive threads, incorrect advice, people posting things just to increase their “post count”, and even bullying.

Spam is the biggest and most common issue. Several large online communities that I thought were doing very well shut down in the last few years, and they all stated the same reason – spam overwhelming the threads which caused a dilution of quality information and discussion, which lead to real members not being as active, and random new accounts taking over.

Seeing large, thriving communities close down was the final push I needed to encourage me to move forward on my idea to create a new healthy, high-quality, friendly community full of people who genuinely want to network and help the other members in the group.

And Blogger List was born.

In January, I accepted the first beta members to test and try out the product. And today, I’m excited to announce that it’s finally ready to launch and accept new members into the community.

Come hang out, network, and learn from other successful bloggers!

We have everyone from new bloggers just getting started to experienced veterans in this industry running $500K content businesses.

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