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Interactive map breaks down COVID-19 vaccination rate by Alberta community

Are you curious about how many people in your neighbourhood have been vaccinated against COVID-19? The Alberta government has launched an interactive online map that showcases just that.

The new online map, launched Monday, breaks down vaccine coverage by local geographic area.

Albertans now have access to the percentage of people who have received at least one dose, the percentage of people who are fully immunized and the total number of doses that have been administered in any Alberta Health Services region across the province, broken down by age group.

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The map is part of the province’s commitment to provide “robust information to Albertans related to COVID-19 in our province.”

“This map is a helpful tool for Albertans, and reflects our government’s commitment to transparency,” Premier Jason Kenney said in a news release Monday.

“Since the start of this pandemic, Alberta has consistently provided more online information to Albertans than any other jurisdiction because we know that being informed helps us all to be part of the solution.”

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Health Minister Tyler Shandro said with the province’s vaccine rollout gaining momentum, tracking vaccine uptake within communities will help people support each other to be protected.

“As we move closer toward widespread immunity, we hope this will motivate individuals and communities to do the right thing for themselves, for each other and for our health system,” Shandro said in a news release.

While the data will change daily, here is a breakdown of the percentage of people who have received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Edmonton’s neighbourhoods as of May 16:

  • Edmonton – Twin Brooks: 56.2%
  • Edmonton – Bonnie Doon: 52.6%
  • Edmonton – West Jasper Place: 50.2%
  • Edmonton – Woodcroft West: 47.5%
  • Edmonton – Duggan: 47.4%
  • Edmonton – Woodcroft East: 44.7%
  • Edmonton – Castle Downs: 42.8%
  • Edmonton – Jasper Place: 42.7%
  • Edmonton – Northgate: 42.4%
  • Edmonton – Mill Woods East: 41.9%
  • Edmonton – Eastwood: 41.6%
  • Edmonton – Mill Woods South & East: 40.6%
  • Edmonton – Rutherford: 40%
  • Edmonton – Northeast: 38.6%
  • Edmonton – Abbotsfield: 37.1%

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Areas of note surrounding Edmonton include Sherwood Park with 53.1 per cent of people immunized with one dose, St. Albert with 56 per cent, Beaumont with 42 per cent, and Leduc and Devon with 40.4 per cent as of May 16.

Here’s a look at the breakdown of the percentage of the population with one dose of vaccine by neighbourhood in Calgary as of May 16:

  • Calgary – Elbow: 53.3%
  • Calgary – Lower Northwest: 51.6%
  • Calgary – Centre North: 51.3%
  • Calgary – West: 50%
  • Calgary – Centre West: 49.3%
  • Calgary – Fish Creek: 48.3%
  • Calgary – West Bow: 46.7%
  • Calgary – Upper Northwest: 46.5%
  • Calgary – Nosehill: 45%
  • Calgary – Southwest: 43.6%
  • Calgary – Centre: 43%
  • Calgary – North: 41%
  • Calgary – Southeast: 40.2%
  • Calgary – Lower Northeast: 35.5%
  • Calgary – East: 34.9%
  • Calgary – Upper Northeast: 31.9%

Areas of note surrounding Calgary include Canmore at 45.7 per cent of the population having received one dose of vaccine, Banff at 42.9 per cent and Airdrie at 33.9 per cent as of May 16.

Lethbridge is broken down as follows for those with one dose of vaccine as of May 16:

  • Lethbridge – South: 54.4%
  • Lethbridge – West: 51%
  • Lethbridge – North: 49%

Red Deer is broken down as follows for those with one dose of vaccine as of May 16:

  • Red Deer – East: 45.4%
  • Red Deer – Southwest: 39.2%
  • Red Deer – North: 37.9%
  • Red Deer County – 33.1%

Regions in northern Alberta include 24.2 per cent of people in Wood Buffalo having one dose as of May 16, 9.8 per cent of people in the High Level region, 28.5 per cent of people in Grande Prairie County and 37.9 per cent of people in the Jasper region.

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As of May 16, 42.2 per cent of Albertans have received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 7.4 per cent have been fully immunized.

So far, more than 2.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Alberta.

All Albertans age 12 and older are eligible to book an appointment to be vaccinated. More information on how to book an appointment can be found on the Alberta Health Services website.

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