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I’m fuming after my petty neighbour dumped his leaves in our garden AGAIN… it’s not just rude – it’s illegal

A WOMAN is outraged after finding out her next-door neighbour has been dumping leaves in her garden.

Tik-Tok user @maddy_carty has uploaded a video of her neighbour’s antics to social media asking her followers what she should do next.

The video shows the neighbour working in his garden

The video shows her neighbour working in his garden with the text “Every year our neighbour dumps leaves in our garden”.

In the next clip, she says “LEAFGATE 2.0 Neighbour has dumped his leaves in our garden again!”

The video goes on to show a large mound of leaves by the fence in her garden and pans across the fence, to her neighbour’s “spotless” leaf-free lawn.

@maddy_carty posted the clip with the caption “Not only is it rude af but I just spoke to the council and they said it’s illegal.”

“What should we do next?”

The video has gained over 8,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments with other users quick to give their advice on how to deal with her neighbour’s “outrageous” behaviour.

One less than sympathetic TikToker said: “Don’t think he dumped his leaves. He’s just giving you back YOUR leaves.”

Whilst another suggested that she “put them back over the fence.”

Another user said that if the tree is in her garden that may be she should “offer to help clear them up”.

However, one user had a little more empathy with the neighbour and said: “Leave him alone”.

The woman showed the neighbours ‘spotless’ garden
The large pile of leaves that she says were ‘dumped’ by neighbour
@maddy_carty says that it is not the first time it has happened

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