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How To Cut a Pineapple Easily?

Cutting a pineapple can seem intimidating with that tough skin and spikes! With these easy steps, you can cut a pineapple perfectly every time, making adding this fresh, juicy fruit to your life a snap!

Close-up of chunks of pineapple in a bowl

1. Cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple.

Pineapple with top and bottom removedPineapple with top and bottom removed

2. Stand the pineapple up on its now-flat bottom. Cut the skin off in strips.

Cutting the skin off a pineappleCutting the skin off a pineapple

3. Cut down the pineapple to the side of the circular core. Repeat on the other side.

Cutting the sides offCutting the sides off

4. Take one of the core-less sides of the pineapple you just cut, and lay it flat.

A slab of pineapple lying on its sideA slab of pineapple lying on its side

5. Make 3 vertical slices down this piece, cutting it into 3 long strips.

Pineapple cut into 3 slicesPineapple cut into 3 slices

6. Rotate the long slices of pineapple you just cut 90º and cut into 3/4 inch sized cubes. Repeat steps #5 and #6 with the other core-less slice.

Pineapple cut into slicesPineapple cut into slices

7. Cut the thin slices off the sides of the core.

Sides cut away from core of pineappleSides cut away from core of pineapple

8. Cut those slices into 3/4″ sized cubes. Discard the tough core.

Cubes of pineappleCubes of pineapple

Top Tips For Cutting Pineapple

  • Make sure you use a large, sharp knife. A sharp knife will cut much more easily through the tough skin and flesh, which means it’s less likely to slip and cut your hand. With a knife with a dull blade, you are more likely to use the point to cut and use more pressure, both of which makes for easy slippage (and cutting things you don’t want to!) A sharp knife also means it takes a shorter amount of time to cut through the pineapple.

A whole pineapple lying on a cutting board

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