It sometimes seems as though living a healthy lifestyle is impossible with many conflicting views of what ‘healthy’ actually is.  A person can live a healthy lifestyle if they change a few variables in their life.

Food such as pounded yam, fufu and garri can be extremely unhealthy and unforgiving to the body. These types of food mostly contain simple sugars that add little value to the body. Many popular Nigerian meals such as rice and bread, consist of high carbohydrates which is released into the vital organs, with the excess stored in the body fat cells. To balance your diet you will need to make sure that you include a lot of vegetables in your meals; boiled or grilled. Fruits and vegetables can be found at low prices in numerous places around the country. Moreover, green vegetables such as spinach have a high supply of iron, which will combat fatigue.

Join a gym to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time. In recent times there has been an influx of gyms and fitness centers around Nigeria. Going to the gym increases the endorphins in your body, which deal with stress, depression and overall body vitality. A healthy lifestyle will mean you are less reliant on health insurance too.

Sleeping for 8 hours a day will keep you rested for the following day. Research shows that keeping a regular sleep pattern will make sure that your body fat stays low and your metabolism high. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to find a good balance between too little sleep and too much sleep as too much sleep is hazardous to the body.

Nigeria is a country with a very hot climate where temperatures can reach more than 30 degrees and the lowest temperature on average, 25 degrees. The heat could put one at risk if one does not stay hydrated throughout the day. Two thirds of our bodies contain water and staying hydrated boosts our mental ability, protects us from headaches, fatigue and keeps us alert. A quick tip to remember to ensure you are always hydrated is to make sure that your urine is a pale colour; if it is a dark yellow colour you know you need to drink more water.

Remember to always get enough sunlight during the day to ensure you get vitamin D which helps the skin, hair and nails. Vitamin D also has many more benefits to the body such as calcium and phosphorus absorption which helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D also protects us from diseases such as cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

To live a healthy lifestyle you need to always adopt positive mindfulness, you need to keep negative energy away from yourself. Leave negative thoughts out of your mind and think positive and you will be much happier in life.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle is to go and visit your friends and family as we could get so busy in our lives that we could forget the need to visit our families. Visiting your elderly parents gives you a sense of belonging and responsibility. This will contribute to your happiness which in turn keeps your immune system and digestive system healthy.

Get out of the weekend rut and go and do some activities, be one with nature. Nigeria has many different natural wonders that will keep you occupied, happy and healthy. You can visit Okumu Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the largest forest reserves in Nigeria. The sanctuary is home to many wildlife such as buffalo, monkeys and horn bills. If visiting places like this isn’t attainable, then go to the local park and relax. The main way to stay healthy is to know when to switch off and relax to give your body rest.

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