• Top tips for good mental health as an expat

    Top tips for good mental health as an expat0

    While it’s easy to picture the excitement of being somewhere new, the reality can be very different. As an expat, you might face problems that you may not have previously encountered, and which could affect your mental health. Top tips for good mental health In 2012, a ground-breaking study1 explored the levels of stress faced by expatriates.

  • 5G – a danger to health?

    5G – a danger to health?0

    The fear of cell phone radiation and its effects on the human body is not entirely new. But with the planned 5G grid expansion in Germany, it is increasing. Is the new technology harmful to health? The introduction of fifth generation (5G) mobile networks is  planned not only in Germany but worldwide . As much as we all like to have fast

  • Get old with Down syndrome

    Get old with Down syndrome0

    About 50 years ago, people with Down syndrome had a life expectancy of less than ten years. Today it is around 60 years old. Many of them die of dementia. Children with Down syndrome develop more slowly and differently than others, have special abilities for it. Children with trisomy 21 not only look different from children without Down’s syndrome . They’re different. Their

  • What to know about MERS

    What to know about MERS0

    The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a relatively new respiratory illness that was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012. Caused by a novel coronavirus (MERS-CoV), there have since been reports of a MERS outbreak in over 21 other countries such as China, Thailand and the United Kingdom. What are the symptoms? MERS symptoms range

  • It’s time to take action on heart disease

    It’s time to take action on heart disease0

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that heart diseases are the top cause of death around the world. But if you’re an expat, are you more at risk? This is certainly a possibility given the nature of an international life. It’s busy and ambitious, but it can be very stressful. Not to mention the heat,

  • Expat guide to vaccinations in Thailand

    Expat guide to vaccinations in Thailand0

    Thailand is a world of opportunity for ambitious professionals. But it’s important to remember that you or your family could be exposed to health issues that you’ve never had to think about before. Understanding which vaccinations you need in Thailand is essential when planning your move. Try to seek advice and start receiving any relevant