This Saturday, pyrotechnics will be burned for the first time in German professional football. The DFB gives the green light for the planned action of the HSV before the game against Karlsruhe. It is a test.

“Fan matters” – that was the headline of the press release from the German Football Association. Quite surprisingly, the DFB allowed Hamburger SV to fire controlled pyrotechnics for the first time in the context of a game. Before the kick-off of the second division duel against Karlsruher SC on Saturday, ten fans were burned “under control of a specialist company under the supervision of a specialist company” with the participation of ten fans, the DFB informed. A pyrotechnician would instruct the fans and monitor the action. Fire extinguishers and fire buckets are ready. The DFB explicitly pointed out that it was a “one-off exception based on official approval”. Depending on the weather conditions, the fire department can also cancel the action on Saturday.

“Penalty King” wants to break new ground

The DFB sees the first controlled use of pyro in German football as a test. It is intended to answer the question of whether fans can make friends with this slimmed-down and monitored variant and in the future do without the uncontrolled use of fireworks in the audience area. Hamburger SV has had to pay more penalties for burning pyrotechnics in the fan block than any other German professional club in the past two seasons. Just a few days ago, the DFB sports court had fined the HSV 140,000 euros because the city derby against FC St. Pauli had reignited. St. Pauli has to pay 90,000 euros.

“The measures are taken in the past few years and tougher sanctions such as fines, collective penalties, the ban on fan paraphernalia or excessive admission controls have not shown that pyrotechnics have been used less in stadiums,” said Cornelius Göbel, head of the fan culture department at HSV: “We believe that it is necessary to break new ground.” According to Göbel, the association sees pyrotechnics “as part of fan culture”.

Pyrotechnics in the stands remain prohibited

The DFB made it clear that the campaign did not mean abandoning the ban on pyrotechnics in the stands. The Pyro articles, which are heated up to 2500 degrees, can lead to serious injuries. The HSV also clearly distinguishes itself from those who deal with the dangerous fireworks in the block. “In the pyro discussion, we do not see ourselves as lawyers for these 20 crazy offenders, who do not care about the health and life of their fellow human beings if they ignite Pyro in an uncontrolled manner,” said HSV CEO Bernd Hoffmann at the general meeting in January: “To be clear about that say: An absolute zero-tolerance policy applies here. “


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