Granby Wastewater

Granby Wastewater

GRANBY, Mo. – Reggie Bard and the Granby Volunteer Group are doing what they do best: lending their hometown a helping hand.

“Our city has a lot of needs at the moment. Any money we can save them for more important stuff would be great,” said Bard. 

The group is currently saving Granby a few thousand dollars by going door to door to 375 Granby residences, and getting folks to fill out a survey that will determine if Granby is eligible for a community block grant.

“Mostly, the state wants to know how many people live in a house, what the average income of that household is, and the background of the people that live there,” said Bard. 

If Granby is deemed eligible for the grant, it will use the funds to bring about three major improvements to its roughly 30-year-old wastewater treatment plant, as well as the city sewer system. City officials want to increase the capacity of their main pumping station, find out where rain water is getting into the sewer system, and build a storm water retention basin near the plant.

But those upgrades will remain a pipe dream until the Granby Volunteer Group completes their job. But the group says it won’t take long since they don’t really consider the job to be work and love talking to their neighbors.

“Everybody you talk to wants to see wants to see Granby grow and get better. I haven’t had one comment yet about this not being a good idea,” said Bard. 



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