In the German capital there are a variety of towers, platforms and hills that offer a great view of the urban area of ​​Berlin. Here are a few tips for trips!

Combo picture column

victory column

Berlin on the presentation plate: The Victory Column on the Great Star offers a perfect view of the Tiergarten, the Reichstag and the TV tower. 285 steps lead up to the landmark, which is crowned by a golden sculpture. The monument commemorates Prussia’s victories in the 19th century against Denmark, Austria and France. If you want to enjoy the view, you have to pay 3 euros.

Combo picture tower

Television tower

The queen of all views of Berlin is the observation floor of the tallest building, the television tower on Alexanderplatz. When the weather is good you can watch up to 80 kilometers at a height of 203 meters. Every year, more than a million visitors from all over the world flock to the city’s landmark. Tip: To avoid the long queue, book your ticket in advance!

Park Inn Hotel overlooking TV tower

Park Inn Hotel

The observation floor from the television tower has one disadvantage: the building itself cannot be seen. If you want to photograph the tower from the outside, you can do so from the Park Inn’s 120-meter viewing terrace. The hotel is on the opposite side of Alexanderplatz. Entry costs 4 euros.

Panoramapunkt Kollhoff Tower

Panoramapunkt Potsdamer Platz

The fastest elevator in Europe takes guests to the panorama café in the Kollhoff Tower on Potsdamer Platz in just 20 seconds. Up here you can enjoy the city view over coffee and cake. An open-air exhibition provides information about the history of Potsdamer Platz and enables a comparison between its then and present appearance. Entry is 7.50 euros.

Image combo world balloon

world balloon

The world balloon offers a very special view, not far from Checkpoint Charlie. During the 15-minute journey, passengers can view the center of Berlin with the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag at different heights. It goes up 150 meters. As the ascent depends on the weather, the ticket is valid for 3 years. A trip for adults costs 25 euros.

Image combo Kreuzberg


From the national monument for the Wars of Liberation on the Kreuzberg you have a great view of the district of the same name – and it’s free! You have to put up with the fact that the green trees of the Victoria Park block the view a bit in summer. But here it is not only the view that counts, but also the ascent. Because it leads past a romantic waterfall.

Combo Müggelturm


Berlin not only consists of densely built-up neighborhoods, but also has a lot of green. The vast forests of Köpenick spread out around the Müggelturm. If you don’t want to climb the lookout tower – after all, there are 126 steps up and the entrance costs 4 euros – you can make yourself comfortable on the terrace of the restaurant.

25 hours hotel overlooking Breitscheidplatz

Monkey bar

The Monkey Bar in the 25 Hours Hotel (left) in the City West is a cult. Here you often have to wait in front of the elevator until space becomes available again at the top. The reason for the popularity of the bar is surely not only its atmosphere and the drinks, but also the view. From here you can see the zoo and Breitscheidplatz with the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Bikini House (picture on the right).

Picture combo Drachenberg Berlin


The Drachenberg in the Grunewald was created by piled rubble from the Second World War. It got its name from the many Berliners who fly kites here at the weekend. But some also come to simply enjoy the view.

Berlin radio tower day and night

Radio tower

From the Drachenberg you can see the Berlin radio tower. It is almost 150 meters high and is located on the exhibition grounds in the west of the city. An elevator takes visitors through the middle of the tower to a viewing platform. And then it’s time to let your eyes wander and enjoy Berlin – day and night.


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