For a long time Venice has been trying to regulate tourist flows better. For this purpose, an entrance fee for day tourists should now also contribute. Other cities in Italy also see this measure as meaningful.

From May, day tourists in Venice will be asked to pay. It should be moderate three euros per person, announced Mayor Luigi Bruganoro on Monday in Venice. The amount should increase from next year to six, a maximum of ten euros – depending on the tourist rush. Hotel guests are not affected by the package, they already make a tax on the local tax.
Italy cruise ship in Venice (picture-alliance / ROPI / Rossi / Eidon)

In future cruise cruisers will no longer be able to get close to the historical center of Venice

Venice has been battling the onslaught of tourists for years and keeps trying with various strategies to keep the masses in check. “We have to tell the whole world how difficult it is to manage such a special place,” says Bruganoro. The measures are designed to “protect those who live, study or work in our area”, says Mayor Luigi Brugnaro. The money should be used above all for the cleaning of the city.

Italy Venice protest against tourism (Reuters / M. Silvestri)

Residents of Venice repeatedly protest against the “overture” in their city

The Federalberghi Hotel Association said it was fair that not only hotel guests “pay the bill”. Association President Bernabò Bocca said: “Our cities are museums, and museums like buying a ticket.”

According to various estimates, Venice attracts between 20 and 30 million people per year. Especially the day-trippers with their own meals are viewed critically because they neither eat in the city nor pay any other contributions. 

Also in other Italian tourist cities the call was called for a solution after Venetian model. The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, told the newspaper La Repubblica that he supported such an initiative. “You need a national law that applies to every city of art.”

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