Fourth division club Saarbücken celebrates cup party

Football DFB Cup 1. FC Saarbrücken - Fortuna Düsseldorf (picture-alliance / dpa / T. Frey)

1. FC Saarbrücken writes cup history and is the first fourth division to move into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup. Fortuna Düsseldorf has to admit defeat – and the whole Saarland now dreams of more.

He used to stand for the black and blue between the posts, now Saarbrücken’s former Bundesliga goalkeeper and club icon Dieter Ferner watched his successor Daniel Batz defuse one shot after the other on the penalty shootout against Fortuna Dusseldorf. Batz kept the FCS in the race until the outsider won 8: 7.

When the victory was certain and the stadium shook, Ferner retreated into an at least reasonably quiet corner and fought with tears: “This is the greatest sensation since the birth of Christ”, said the former goalkeeper, who later worked twice as head coach of Saarbrücken and today Is Vice-President of the traditional club from southwest Germany. Then the 71-year-old joined the cheers of the team and the fans.

The regional league celebrated its historic entry into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup until well into Wednesday morning, a feat that no fourth division team has ever achieved since the competition was founded. “This is just awesome shit,” said coach Lukas Kwasniok, who had set his team perfectly for the favorite opponent from Düsseldorf.

Federal cabinet from the house

With successes over Jahn Regensburg from the 2nd Bundesliga, 1 FC Cologne and second division club Karlsruher SC, the Saarlanders had played in the round of the last eight and were the outsiders in all duels. The only thing missing now is a victory to reach the final, which will take place on May 23 in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

The whole Saarland is, therefore, hoping for the big coup. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who comes from near Saarbrücken, is one of them: “The madness”, the SPD politician tweeted: “I expect you in Berlin!” The CDU chairwoman and Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, also a Saarland woman, congratulated with the words: “Great performance. Congratulations!” And Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier, the third Saarlander in the federal cabinet, tweeted, flanked by three emojis: “Saarlanders stop.”

Batz doesn’t drink beer and doesn’t sleep

“We are in the mood for more. If you are in the semi-finals, you also want to go to the final,” said Tobias Jänicke, whose goal to 1-0 from the 31st minute in Düsseldorf’s Zanka’s game was only equalized in the final minute. “We want to continue our journey,” said Kwasniok with a smile. “We just have to save ourselves again on penalties.”

Football DFB-Pokal 1. FC Saarbrücken - Fortuna Düsseldorf (picture-alliance / dpa / O. Dietze)The fifth penalty saved is the decisive one: FCS goalkeeper Daniel Batz takes his club further

An obvious strategy, after all, goalkeeper Daniel Batz is a man between the posts who parried five penalties against Düsseldorf – four in the penalty shootout, another shot by Rouwen Hennings, already in regular time (83.). “Five penalties – that’s more than I have held together in my entire career,” said the 29-year-old, who played a Bundesliga game for SC Freiburg in 2012, and announced before the party started: “Beer can take it I’m not that good. I can take long drinks more. But I won’t sleep. “

Hopefully, Batz will get some sleep before the semi-finals, which will be played on April 21st and 22nd so that he can rest in the next game against a Bundesliga club. FC Bayern has already gone one round against Schalke. With Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Union Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt and Werder Bremen, four other first division clubs are involved in the two remaining quarterfinals.

If necessary, even without television

No matter against whom, the Saarbrückers want to play the game again in the small old stadium of Völklingen. The Saarbruecken have moved there because their own stadium, the time-honored but somewhat dilapidated Ludwigspark, has been renovated and rebuilt for months.

Football Regionalliga 1. FC Saarbrücken vs FC Homburg (Imago Images / Becker & Bredel)Small, unfashionable and atmospheric: the Hermann Neuberger Stadium in Völklingen

The conditions in Völklingen put Kwasniok and his team in the cards because they are unfamiliar with professional clubs: mobile floodlight masts, a stadium side with grass walls instead of a grandstand and everything – from the cabin to the lawn – not to the high standard that they Otherwise enjoy elite kickers.

Due to the requirements for live broadcasting on television, the movie should be made to the FSV Mainz arena, although the airline is about 125 kilometers from Saarbrücken. The last word has not yet been spoken, after all, the game against Düsseldorf was also played live on television, if not on free-to-air channels, but on the Pay-TV channel Sky. And the Saarbrückers do not want to move anyway, but stubbornly: “Then there will be no television,” said top scorer Jänicke and shrugged his shoulders – stubborn like a real Saarlander, while Jänicke was born and raised in Brandenburg …

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