International news – collected in DW ticker: A mudslide has devastated a Brazilian city, Athens and Skopje settle their dispute and in the USA there is a temporary solution to the budget dispute.

Five weeks after the US shutdown began, US President Donald Trump announced a breakthrough in the dispute with the Democrats. Transition financing for the decommissioned parts of the government had been agreed until February 15, he said in Washington. During this time, advice on border security measures should be given.

Missing after the dam break

Mud wave after dam break in Brazil's iron ore mine (Agencia Brasil / Divulgação / Corpo de Bombeiros)

Around 200 people are missing after a dam broke in southeastern Brazil. The fire brigade announced this after a mudslide had buried several houses under it.

Greece approves Macedonia agreement

Macedonia Skopje flags (DW / Petr Stojanovski)

Despite fierce opposition from the population, the Greek parliament has made a groundbreaking decision: The neighboring country of Macedonia can now officially change its name to North Macedonia. This gives the Balkan state the opportunity to join the EU and NATO. 

Long-time Trump advisor arrested

Roger Jason Stone Jr. American Policy Advisor (picture-alliance / Zuma / D. Christian)

Another confidant of Donald Trump has been targeted by the judiciary. Campaigner  Roger Stone was arrested by FBI officials in Florida for alleged false statements in surveys of the President’s Russia affair. 

Surprising grave find in London

London Euston station discovered remains of explorer Matthew Flinders (picture-alliance / AP Photo / JO Jenkins)

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of explorer Matthew Flinders near Euston Station in London. The naval captain is considered the namesake of Australia. Now his skeleton is to be examined to find out whether life at sea has left its mark. 

Struggle for power in Venezuela

Venezuelan leader challenges President Maduro (picture-alliance / dpa / B. Vergara)

Should the authoritarian head of state Nicolás Maduro voluntarily give up power, the self-appointed interim president Juan Guaidó does not want to rule out an amnesty regulation for his opponent. For his part, Maduro signaled a willingness to talk. Guaidó receives support from the United States and the EU, including Germany.

Washington continues to strangle shutdown

USA budget block extended over Christmas (picture-alliance / dpa / C. Kaster)

Two legislative initiatives to end the partial government shutdown that has been going on for more than a month have failed in the US SenateBad news especially for the approximately 800,000 federal employees who have not been paid for weeks.

Congress forces Cohen to testify

USA - Investigation into the Russia affair - Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen (Reuters / B. McDermid)

Donald Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen had actually asked not to testify before the Senate about his work for the U.S. President. The reason: his family is threatened. But now the Secret Service Committee insists on a hearing.

Kurdish on hunger strike released

Pro-Kurdish HDP supporter holds a picture of the imprisoned legislator Leyla Güven (Reuters / S. Kayar)

The 55-year-old MP of the pro-Kurdish HDP party,  Leyla Güven, has been released from Turkish custody. Güven has been on a hunger strike since November 8, and her party’s health was recently life-threatening. The politician was arrested in January 2018 after criticizing the Turkish offensive in Afrin, Syria.

Congo’s new president in office

Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa - Inauguration: Felix Tshisekedi becomes Congo's President (picture-alliance / AP Photo / J. Delay)

The new head of state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, is facing his first major challenge: the big question is whether he will be able to shake off the blemish of having reached the highest posts in the state through electoral fraud. It is not only the African Union and the EU that have doubts that the count was correct.

Bolsonaro son as a risk

Brazil - Flávio Bolsonaro son of Jair Bolsonaro (Getty Images / AFP / S. Lima)Father Jair (front) and son Flávio Bolsonaro

Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, had probably imagined it differently. His own son, of all people, strained the beginning of his term.  At first, it was “only” dubious money transfers, now Flávio Bolsonaro is even accused of connections to militias.

Escape because of death threats

Brazil Jean Wyllys (Getty Images / AFP / M. Pimentel)

Brazilian gay MP Jean Wyllys has left the country due to continued death threats and wants to resign. The family of the politician of the Left Party PSOL has been repeatedly threatened, said Wyllys. Violence against sexual minorities has increased since the election of ultra-right Jair Bolsonaro as president.

Sad certainty

Airplane with Emiliano Sala lost on board (Reuters / S. Mahe)

Three days after the alleged plane crash, the search for Argentinian player Emiliano Sala is stopped. The rescuers have no hope of finding him alive.


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