Fans all over celebrate the late rapper’s 35th birthday

Fans all over celebrate the late rapper’s 35th birthday

Nipsey Hussle was taken from this world far too soon.

Just a little more than a year ago in March 2019, Hussle was killed in his own “Marathon” clothing store by local rapper Eric Holder while making an impromptu visit as he would a few times a week.

His death dealt a big blow to Hip Hop as a genre. He had finally just released his debut and only studio album Victory Lap in 2018 after more than a decade of releasing critically acclaimed mixtapes.

Hussle was a legend in Hip Hop before his death because of how he worked and persevered as an independent artist for a decade before releasing his debut album. That same spirit he brought to the genre remains after.

His music was motivational. His songs were about just getting up and achieving goals until you’ve found success. People loved him for that.

While he is gone, he’ll never be forgotten. Fans made that clear on Saturday on what would’ve been his 35th birthday. They posted tributes all over the internet to remember the legendary rapper.

(Warning: There is some NSFW language contained in these tweets) 

Some just posted pictures.

Some posted his greatest quotes and moments that connected him with so many people.

Some posted stories about him.

Others posted pieces of hard hitting music from him. He never wasted a single word in his lyrics.

Nipsey is gone but his impact was very clearly made. His imprint will last forever. In his own words, the marathon continues.

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