Facebook as a propaganda platform has been an issue since the 2016 US election campaign. To make future elections safe, the group spends billions of dollars annually, said Zuckerberg at the Munich Security Conference.

According to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, the online network deletes around a million fake accounts every day, most of them immediately after they are set up. For this purpose, the software is used that is supposed to automatically recognize dubious profiles, said Zuckerberg at the Munich Security Conference. In addition, around 35,000 people are busy viewing content critically and implementing security measures. Such fake accounts are dangerous because they are often linked together to form networks that manipulate public opinion.

The Facebook boss indirectly announced exactly how much the company spends on its security efforts. The budget is higher than the turnover on the IPO in 2012, said Zuckerberg. In 2011 the company had generated revenues of over $ 3.7 billion. 

Facebook reacted too slowly

Facebook was abused in the 2016 US presidential election campaign for propaganda campaigns that were orchestrated from Russia, according to the online network and western intelligence agencies. The Russian government rejects such allegations.

Munich security conference Mark Zuckerberg (picture-alliance / dpa / S. Hoppe)Facebook boss Zuckerberg: Doubtful profiles are automatically recognized

Zuckerberg once again admitted that the industry had reacted too slowly at the time. Meanwhile, however, one is convinced that elections can be held safely. Around 50 networks of fake accounts were stopped last year, he said. 

More regulation needed 

Zuckerberg reaffirmed his position that internet companies need more regulation including elections, content deletion, and data protection. Companies like his shouldn’t decide what’s wrong and what’s right. 


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