Erica is not as clueless as fans thought » YNaija

Erica is not as clueless as fans thought » YNaija
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In a series of event spanning less than 24 hours, Erica, has managed to be the center of discussion all day on social media, and fans can’t seem to get enough.

To understand what the fuss is all about, we will have to take this story all the way to Sunday evening. After the Live Eviction show, Laycon decided to let Erica know how he feels about her.

She was pretty receptive, however, she didn’t give a definite response, but made mention of the fact that she is single.

There is no way to categorically state how Laycon must have felt, maybe hopeful, maybe skeptical, but one thing we do know is that, not long after, Erica was all cuddled up with Kiddwaya. They got to talking and moments later, got to kissing and groping.

Hours later, Kidd and Erica were in bed together, and from the clip which has now gone viral, they seemed to be having a swell time. Although shocking, is no new occurrence in the Big Brother House.

Just a few nights ago, Praise and Ka3na shocked the BBN universe by engaging in some late night activities. Previous seasons have also seen its own fair share of raunchy scenes, so Erica and Kidd fooling around shouldn’t be too shocking right? Well!

Her involvement with Kidd, has certainly lost her some points with fans.

And the fact she maybe stringing Laycon along is certainly not sitting well with some of the singer’s fans either.

However, during her dairy session today, she made a rather interesting comment when asked who she would want to win the Head of House challenge asides herself. She told Big Brother that Laycon and Tolanibaj are more of her people than Kidd and Kidd is no loyal.

This came barely a day since her and Kidd were intimate. This clip certainly raises the question, whether Erica is just a hopeless romantic who’s letting Kidd have his way with her, or if she is a very brilliant strategist playing the game right.



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