Emeka Rollas defends Elisha Abbo’s actor’s guild patronship, says the senator was not convicted of any crime


In an exclusive interview granted to Plus TV, Emeka Rollas defended the guild’s decision while loosely accusing the actresses of sensationalism and attempting to taint the image of the guild.

Rather than take the issues up on social media, the guild’s president insisted that the aggrieved ladies should have written to the guild expressing their grievances. He added that while social media was no medium of governance for the guild, Dokubo and Henshaw have been of no impact to the guild despite being Nollywood actors for over 20 years.

Rollas also questioned their membership status, stating that he presided over a guild of 2 million members and could not verify if they have been participating members in the last two years.

Speaking on the process of appointing patrons, Rollas revealed that the candidates were usually decided upon by a panel and Abbo was nominated by the members in the North-East for his contribution to their development.

Whilst still defending the guild’s decision, Rollas insisted that although he was aware of the video of Elisha Abbo physically assaulting a young woman, the senator remains innocent until proven guilty by a court. He added that the AGN did not appoint him patron as a measure to celebrate him for haven beaten a woman but for his support of the guild members in the North East chapter.

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Rollas’ interview follows Hilda Dokubo’s recent video calling out the guild’s decision to appoint alleged woman beater senator, Elisha Abbo as a patron.

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