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David Beckham cried when he got Man Utd No7 shirt as he, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eric Cantona reveal why it’s so special

DAVID BECKHAM has revealed that he cried when told he was going to be Manchester United’s No7.

The prestigious number has a rich history at Old Trafford, as Becks was fully aware having been brought up by a United-mad dad.

David Beckham wore Man United’s iconic No7 shirt
Cristiano Ronaldo is the shirt’s current incumbent

In a film produced by United and adidas explaining the importance of the shirt, Becks opened up about his emotional reaction.

He said: “I’d had probably one of the best seasons of my career in the number ten shirt.

“Phone rings, ‘David it’s the boss. We’re signing Teddy Sheringham and he’s going to have the number ten shirt – see you pre-season.’

“And that was it, that was it.”

“I go into pre-season, the boss pulls me into the office, he said ‘how are you feeling David?’

“And I said ‘well boss I really loved the number ten’. He said ‘yeah but you’re going to get the number seven.’

“And I was like… I think I cried. My dad was the first one that I phoned when I got the number seven shirt. My dad was a Bobby Charlton fan – that’s why my middle name is Robert… because (of) Bobby Charlton.”

Legendary United No7s Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bryan Robson also reflected on the shirt.


Cantona, 56, said: “It was a city for a number seven. The number seven is the one who can create things, who has to create things.

“Sometimes he needs to be free and Alex Ferguson gave me this freedom.”

Ronaldo added: “Sir Alex Ferguson said to me you’re going to take the number seven.

“It was that kind of moment that you never forget. I knew the history of the number seven in the club.

“I was nervous, but in the same time I was feeling good after an experienced manager, experienced person – he knew that Cristiano is the right guy to hold that shirt.”

On the origins of the shirt’s sparkle, Robson said: “The reputations of the players wearing the seven built up from George Best’s day.”

On a similar note, Cantona added: “George Best was special, I would have loved to play with him.”

Eric Cantona was yet another legendary No7
Bryan Robson wore the number for 12 years at Old Trafford
The shirt’s status largely stems from George Best

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