The premier league club Crystal Palace sends a social signal: The club opens a lodge of its stadium Selhurst Park for the homeless during frosty nights.

The English football star division Crystal Palace shows a heart for the homeless. In sub-zero temperatures, the Premier League club will allow homeless people to spend the night in a box at its Selhurst Park stadium. Crystal Palace claims to accommodate up to ten people per night and provide them with food, cots and laundry facilities. The condition is that in London temperatures below freezing are predicted. 

“Standard set for other clubs”

For the first time, homeless people had made use of the new offer on Thursday, when London was minus two degrees Celsius. Eight people had spent the night in the stadium.

“The club wants to be a force for the good of the common good,” said Crystal Palace club chief Phil Alexander. “We are happy to do our part to help the most needy.” The London councilwoman Alison Butler called the action a “wonderful gesture”: “Crystal Palace has set a standard for other clubs.”

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