Clare Crawley & Chris Harrison Spotted Filming In Midst Of Wild Rumors

Clare Crawley and Chris Harrison film 'The Bachelor Winter Games'

The Bachelorette spoilers for the upcoming season keep revealing intriguing tidbits that consistently get fans buzzing. ABC isn’t sharing much in the way of specifics yet, but the details that have emerged essentially guarantee this fall will be a wild ride for everybody involved. Now, some new photos captured from where everybody is staying add some new information to the mix of things.

ET Tonight shared the latest on Monday morning. As had previously been revealed, it seemed that Clare Crawley found love almost immediately and turned over The Bachelorette duties to Tayshia Adams. Clare has apparently remained isolated at the La Quinta Resort while ABC’s new lead for The Bachelorette films her own journey.

Host Chris Harrison was gone briefly as he moved his son into his college dormitory. Former The Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher took over hosting duties, but now Chris is back in front of the cameras again. In fact, it seems that Chris and Clare were just spotted taping something together at La Quinta.

The photos obtained by ET Online showed Clare dressed up in a form-fitting red dress, standing next to Chris who was wearing a dress shirt, a tie, and dark pants. They had a producer from The Bachelorette crew with them and some production lights were spotted in the background.

Clare Crawley Visits EXTRA

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The good news with these pictures is that it means Chris is back and has taken over his regular duties again. Clare may well be filming some sort of The Bachelorette update on her situation, and she looked quite happy in the photos that were captured of this latest action.

It is believed that she has stayed isolated at the resort throughout all of this and that she is happy with the guy she so quickly fell for during filming. It’s been said that her story will be shown as The Bachelorette begins airing this fall.

Insiders have said that Tayshia is filming, and spoiler king Reality Steve said she’s been through several rose ceremonies already. However, snapshots showing her as The Bachelorette have not yet leaked. In addition, little is known about the guys she’s met or any potential frontrunners.

Will Clare’s romance stand the test of time, despite how quickly she decided that he was the one? Will Tayshia find love too during this surprising twist? Fans are hoping that more solid The Bachelorette spoilers emerge in the weeks ahead and it shouldn’t be too much longer before everybody can watch it play out Tuesday nights on ABC.

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