Care for hay fever skin

While conventional cosmetics can often attack the skin through aggressive ingredients, the creams and lotion specially made for pollen allergy sufferers are extremely mild and therefore very well tolerated by the skin. This is very important, especially in the pollen season, since allergy sufferers are repeatedly advised by doctors and experts to wash their hair and skin in the evening before going to bed to remove the pollen.

However, since frequent contact with water can also stress the skin and attack the skin barrier, it is important to use mild and tolerable shampoos and washing products. Otherwise the allergy sufferer quickly gets into a vicious cycle and strains his skin more than she can take.

So if you want to enjoy the spring air and the sun despite pollen allergy, you should apply a suitable care product, a special cream or lotion right before going out into nature. Not only that the penetration of unwanted pollen into the skin can be reduced, an additional side effect of the care is a soft and supple skin.

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