Front runner Borussia Dortmund and pursuers FC Bayern fight once again for the championship title. The club bosses Hans-Joachim Watzke and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge can not resist little tips.

A fine, almost diabolical smile Karl-Heinz Rummenigge could not resist. “I still remember everything, I can still remember exactly the goal in the 90th minute,” said the CEO of FC Bayern Munich. It was easy to explain why this note was a particular pleasure. Because a few minutes earlier Rummenigge had still stood behind the big stage at the SpoBiS (Sports Business Summit) in Dusseldorf, Europe’s largest sports business event, and listened to the words of Hans-Joachim Watzke intensively.

Hans-Joachim Watzke Spobis Dusseldorf (picture-alliance / dpa / R. Frankincense)

“Can not remember anything”

The BVB boss had reported that he can not remember what happened in the 2013 Champions League final at London’s Wembley Stadium. At that time, Arjen Robben had scored the winning goal to make it 2-1 for FC Bayern at the last minute – which caused Watzke to suffer an amnesia. “I can not remember anything anymore, I do not remember who I talked to, I do not remember who was performing at the banquet in the evening, and when I left,” said Watzke, explaining the appearance of Helene Fischer at the time The evening event had apparently not contributed to this traumatic event Watzke.

Friendly, but also honest?

In any case, Rummenigge clearly enjoyed his memories, “because we all knew in the club that we were not allowed to lose this game, which would have led to problems,” said the Bayern boss. The former rivalry between the two clubs has reached its peak again this season. But unlike a few years ago, the participants refrain from publicly expressing criticism of their counterparts. “Because we realized that the poisoned arrows we sent did not fare well with each other, we realized that we have the same interests on many issues,” said Rummenigge.

Sportbusiness Congress Spobis in Dusseldorf (picture alliance / Norbert Schmidt)

“Poison darts have not arrived so well”

That’s what it sounds like when sincere recognition comes into play – and the bitter opponents have decided to speak kindly about the great adversary despite the great competition. Watzke also whispered: “Bayern have not done much wrong in recent years.” So polite, but also so boring. And honestly?

In any case, neither the BVB nor the FCB boss could resist small peaks. “The Bavarians always bought in the top player shelf, which is also easier,” said Watzke. “We’re moving there.”

Both sides try to preserve the form

Rummenigge then remarked: “We do not go out to eat often, but every now and then we have to change places.” In May 2013, in the Bundesliga, the mandatory lunch before the big duel was still due to fundamental differences of opinion. A more than subdued handshake on the honorary tribune in the Dortmund Westfalenstadion between the parties had to be sufficient at that time between the parties. Apparently, this day has also burned into Rummenigges memories. 
In spite of all publicly expressed restraint between the BVB and FCB officials, the great love will no longer be there. For the sporty goals are too identical. Even if both sides try to keep the shape.

Rummenigge: “Interesting match day for both”

Rather, in the Munich after the first round of the fighting spirit awakened. And everyone involved, such as coach Niko Kovac, attacker Thomas Müller or even defender Joshua Kimmich never tire of emphasizing that they have not yet written off the championship. So also Rummenigge, the somewhat less offensive formulated but by no means contradictory in the matter.
After the last six championships in a row for the Munich contradicts the current table position two its own claim. “Six points ahead for Dortmund is not that little, BVB are playing very consistently and we’ll see if we can catch up and what will come out in the end,” said Rummenigge. That’s why the FCB CEO attaches a key role to the upcoming matchday. “Both teams play away, we in Leverkusen, Dortmund in Frankfurt, a game day that is very interesting for both,” said the Bayern boss.
Next Saturday follows another chapter in the rivalry of the two clubs, which – probably for good, nationwide entertainment of football fans – probably continue for ever. 

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