BTS Has Announced Their First Live Show Since The Coronavirus Forced Them To Cancel Their Tour

Just a few months ago, BTS was supposed to be kicking off their latest global tour, but sadly, they didn’t get a chance to follow through with their massive staging. Fans were saddened by the necessary cancellations, but now it looks like the biggest name in K-pop is gearing up to perform live for a crowd once more…though this show will likely look very different from their past events, which rank among the largest in recent memory.

Recently, during Big Hit Entertainment’s (the company that manages BTS) corporate briefing, the firm revealed that the South Korean superstars are headed back to the stage for a two-day event they’re calling Map of the Soul: One. That name works perfectly, as their last two albums have been titled Map of the Soul: 7 and Map of the Soul: Persona, so it seems like songs featured on those sets may be highlighted more than older cuts, based on what they’ve decided to title the shows.

BTS’s Map of the Soul: One appears to be not one concert, but two, and they’re slated to take place on October 10 and 11. 

Interestingly, these shows will play to an audience that is both in-person and online, with a small number of fans being allowed to watch the septet perform live. Sadly, most who want to attend the concerts won’t be allowed, as social distancing guidelines will certainly cap the capacity at a very low sum, especially when compared to the number of attendees BTS is used to seeing when they look out into the crowd.

For those who can’t venture to see BTS in person, the group will stream their shows online.

At present, Big Hit has not revealed how many tickets will be sold, how much they will go for, where the shows will be staged, or how much fans who want to tune in at home will have to pay, but those details will likely be coming soon.

BTS was originally scheduled to spend much of 2020 touring the world, as their similarly-named Map of the Soul Tour had dates starting in April and running through September in places like Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Osaka, and of course, their home town of Seoul. That run of shows had to be postponed (while the events in South Korea were outright canceled) due to the coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped the band from making money from their performances.

Map of the Soul: One follows two successful online-only events BTS has already held this year. First, the group invited all ARMYs (the name the band’s fans have collectively chosen for themselves) to Bang Bang Con, which was essentially a release of concert footage that anybody could enjoy on YouTube for free. Then, after that showing brought in millions of viewers, they held Bang Bang Con: The Live where they actually performed live and interacted with fans…though that one did come at a price.

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