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It was in September 2017 when I officially started this blog. Back then, I simply started writing because I wanted to take it up more seriously than just another hobby that I engaged in for a few months and because I told myself it was going to be easy turning into a Travel Blogger (everyone’s trying to do it after one trip). However, I knew I couldn’t come up with travel content regularly and so I mixed it up with the next best thing in my life then, Running. Thus came into existence, The Travellothoner.

Travellothoner = Traveller + Marathoner.

Fast Forward to June 2020, writing has become more of a passion for me now than just a hobby. It is something I hope to pursue as a career option someday and if not, simply take up courses on and learn more and more and keep engaging in this activity. I have always been a person who wants to emote but doing it verbally has not always been my strong suit and that’s where writing became an important part of my life.

I personally believe that art is the purest form for a human being to express his raw emotions and feelings, an act which he/she engages in when words fail to do justice to them. However, expressing myself in words is the best I can come up with, since the right side of my brain lacks any kind of creativity; and this blog has been just me emoting in one form or another.

So far, all the content you’ve read is from a guy who has no professional expertise or experience in writing. This blog has mostly been about me penning down my emotions all through these years. However, to turn this hobby into a passion and making it much more engaging, I’ve decided to take this blog forward. In my opinion, the best way to do  that is to start afresh while holding on to the my roots and everything ‘The Travellothoner’ was about. This would mean a lot of changes on this website ranging from gathering a team of really smart individuals behind all the content all the way up to the website’s identity.

Which is why I am very pleased and excited to bring to you ‘Bombay Ficus’.

‘Bombay Ficus’ as a name is inspired from our roots as well our journey so far and what we aspire to grow into, in the future. A page that is still largely going to focus on relatable and helpful content revolving around travel, fitness, life experiences and inspiring stories; while simultaneously focusing on entertainment and everything else it stood for before. I can assure you, we aspire to maintain and only raise the quality of our content on this page and hope for a joyful experience for each one of you who stops by!

Over the existence of this blog, I’ve got nothing but a lot of affection and encouragement for my words from the people around me. However what inspires me the most are the thousands of people who’ve stopped by and taken the time out of their lives to leave a nice comment or hit like. I am eternally grateful for all that love and support that these pleasant strangers have showered my way. I hope all of you guys, our readers – new and old, will support us in this new endeavour and help us get to the next level. We have a lot of new things in store that we are excited to share with y’all.

Thank you again, because this wouldn’t be happening without all of you.


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