Bobrisky Is A Bad Influence On The Youth

awurum and bobrisky

Veteran Nigerian actor,
Charles Awurum has registered his displeasure over the introduction of controversial
Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky into the Nollywood industry.

Bobrisky had his first commercial
acting role in a Nollywood movie that featured Anita Joseph and Chiege Alisigwe
and the hilarious actor, was not happy seeing her involvement in the movie.

In an interview with Tontrends, Charles Awurum slammed the producer’s choice of a cast after he hired Bobrisky to play a role in his movie.

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Charles Awurum

Charles Awurum claimed that the like of Bobrisky and his cohorts must not be allowed to appear on television because he is a bad influence on the youth.

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That Bobrisky case made me mad. The brother of the producer of that movie who is my friend called to ask why I was attacking Bobrisky, I said bros, first of all, I didn’t know you are the owner of that movie. Secondly, you should not do things like that just because you want to make money.”

Continuing, he said, “I was not fighting Bobrisky. I was trying to let the society know as well as addressing those producers who think they can make money through things that cannot help the youth. When you see somebody that is not supposed to be an inspiration, you want to make that person a role model. A role model to who?

We have some of them who never wanted to bring up their head but because of Bobrisky, they started to spring up. I felt bad when I saw a production with Bobrisky in it.


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“We shoot films where we use men to behave like women and we all know he is a man but not somebody that has changed his sex, behavior and you want the young ones to emulate such person.

Once you start using her that way, you breed more. It is an offense in this country. Everybody knows this and still, they keep quiet. Nobody wants to talk and even those that made the law are not saying anything. He is wrongly influencing the up and coming generation,” Anwurum said.

“I was not happy about it. I have to say my mind. Fortunately, that reduced his being into production. As they say, if he dies and there is heaven and he goes there, God would not know if he is the person He created. Our society is not the western world.

We have our culture. I also shouted when they started porn in Nigeria. It is not good. Our society does not approve of that. You will see children who do not know what they are entering into get lured into it. And the producer will be happy making your money? I will always talk.” he added.

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