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Nicki Minaj Didn’t Announce A Collaboration With Crocs Today After All


I hope Nicki Minaj reserves some time today to send a stack of hand-written apologies to the Crocs head office today. Because Nicki owes a couple of people in Crocs customer service and Crocs IT an apology today for helping to crash the Crocs website earlier this week with her social media shenanigans. Especially since it has since been revealed that Nicki’s little stunt had nothing to do with Crocs in the first place! She just released some music.

Earlier this week, Nicki posted two pictures to Instagram of herself wearing a pair of crystal Jibbitz-studded hot pink Crocs clogs and not much else. She captioned the pictures, “FRIDAY,” so naturally lots of people figured she was going to be announcing something on Friday or releasing something on Friday. And since those Crocs were front and center, clearly a whole lot of people figured Nicki was about to announce a collaboration with the shoe brand. So a whole mess of people rushed to the Crocs website to buy the hot pink Crocs Nicki was wearing, and the website crashed. Crocs also reportedly sold a ton of hot pink Crocs that day. But it was all for nothing. Today is Friday, and the only thing Nicki dropped was a surprise re-release of her 2009 mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty. via Billboard:

Nicki Minaj goes interstellar with a rerelease of her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty, which is now available for streaming and features new guests spots from Drake and Lil Wayne. Spanning 23 songs and almost 80 minutes from start to finish, Scotty features three new tracks, “Seeing Green” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, “Fractions,” and “Crocodile Tears (Remix)” with Skillibeng.

I guess that answers the question: Are Nicki Minaj and Drake still fighting? Nope, they’re friends again. Or at the very least, they’re happy to be friendly enough to release new music together. And this is Nicki’s first music release since her 2018 album Queen, which just happens to be a whole bunch of old stuff. She does have a new-ish baby keeping her busy with zero nanny help, so I guess her fans can forgive her for re-releasing a mixtape, rather than giving them all that new music she’s been promising. Plus, all the TikTok teens can finally hear that “It’s me! I win! You lose!” sample in real-time now, without trying to hunt it down on YouTube. Also, from the video below, you can see that she’s really leaning into the whole Star Trek beam-me-up Scotty vibe. Except, the costume rental place may have been sold out of Star Trek outfits because it looks like she’s wearing a leftover from NBC’s failed 2011 Wonder Woman pilot.

Back to Crocs, the accidental casualty in all of this mess. Even though it did seem like Nicki was teasing a Crocs collaboration, and it turned out she wasn’t, I guess it kind of makes sense that Crocs were involved. If you’re going to bring back your old mixtape from 2009, then it’s pretty on-theme to rope in something else that was popular more than a decade ago. I’m just glad she was wearing Crocs, and not those awful beige suede hidden-heel wedge sneakers that were popular 10 years ago. Crocs I can accept, those I cannot.

Pic: Wenn.com