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Jon Voight’s Batshit Trump Lust Brought Out Support For Angelina Jolie On Twitter

November 29, 2020 / Posted by: Natasha

Jon Voight’s career aspiration to be a Donald Trump fluffer on the orange-hairpiece-fetish porn set that has been the White House for the last 4 years, might just be his boldest role yet. And  The Wrap says that after Jon posted yet another video of support for Trump, his daughter Angelina Jolie’s unofficial army of adoring ‘net warriors showed her some support and sympathy for being related to him.

via The Wrap:

Note to Angelina Jolie: Do you feel the Twitter love?

The Oscar-winning superstar was pulled into the social media whirlpool that was rolling their eyes at her dad, Jon Voight, who posted another of his videos in support of President Donald Trump. But while Twitter users were calling Voight a “totally bats— dad,” they were offering Jolie sympathy for sharing DNA with the outspoken POTUS fan.

“Every time Jon Voight goes on tv to tell us again that America needs Trump, I recall that he once went on tv to tell us his daughter Angelina Jolie was crazy, & the media treated it as fact,” one person wrote. “It must suck hard when the world thinks you’re nuts bc your totally bats— dad said so.”

Some might question Angelina’s silence at her mostly still estranged father’s embarrassing right-wing meltdowns, and it’s been tossed around that perhaps she is more conservative than she lets on. Her mixed feelings about Barack Obama, for example, were well known. It’s all a matter of debate, and mostly depends on whether you’re talking to someone who is Team Angie or Team Brad Pitt, but we’ll return to him in a moment.

The Wrap again:

Investigative journalist Victoria Brownworth was among those who noted Jolie’s contributions and compared them to her father’s: “Every time Jon Voight turns up to say something embarrassing and fascistic, it reminds everyone of why his daughter, Angelina Jolie, is estranged from him and has dedicated herself to humanitarian causes for women and children.”

Another said, “Every time I see Jon Voight I can’t help but wonder what miracle allowed him be the father to Angelina Jolie. I wonder if they’ve done a DNA test. I’m not buying it.”

“Angelina Jolie deserved far better for a father than Jon Voight. Jon Voight never deserved a beautiful soul like her as his daughter. Angelina is on the right side of history…Jon is on the wrong side forever,” Chrissi Nielsen said.

Many of us will recall Jon’s emotional statement in 2002, calling into question Angelina’s own mental health, so the accusations of mental instability in the family have come full circle. Case in point:

My own parents were more politically conservative than I would have liked, but wall-splattering brain eruptions like these make me very grateful that they were not public figures. Meanwhile, under the cloak of her father’s deeply unfortunate rage-stomps, Angelina has been dragging out the longest divorce in the history of “Fuck you, I’m out of here and taking the probably-a-copyright-violation set of Power Rangers glasses we got at the gas station in Barstow in 1997 so the kids would think we were cool.” My guess is that she’s milking the hell out of the whole mess and trying to fire everyone concerned so all the kids will be legal adults by the time she’s done and custody will no longer be a contentious factor. Prove me wrong!

Pic: Wenn.com


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