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John Cleese Defended His Defense Of JK Rowling’s Perceived Transphobia With Some Perceived Transphobia of His Own

November 23, 2020 / Posted by: Mieka

Never meet your heroes is useless advice in the age of Twitter. You’ll just be there on Twitter, not exactly minding your own business, and out of nowhere someone like Monty Python‘s John Cleese will just sneak up on you with some transphobic bullshit you know is going to disappoint your husband. As an industry pro, I don’t have heroes anymore, but my poor sweet hubby already lost Terry Gilliam to a “Black lesbian in transition” named Loretta, and now John’s decided he wants to be a “Cambodian police woman,” all in the name of belittling marginalized people and defending the honor of rich white ladies like JK Rowling.

According to Variety, back in September, John shared on Twitter that he’d signed his name to a letter in support of JK Rowling when she was in danger of becoming a penniless pauper unless every white knight in the business rushed to her defense.

In June, Rowling made headlines for stating that she believes one’s biological sex is their “real sex” and criticizing transgender people for “erasing the concept of sex.” In September, Cleese signed a letter showing his solidarity with Rowling.

Then yesterday, someone on Twitter decided to fart in his general direction about it.

Upon further investigation, it might be concluded that John is actually weirdly obsessed with trans people. Sure he said he had other things to focus on, but none of those things turned out to be as pressing as making sure trans people are put in their place.

Again, for someone with a stated lack of interest in trans people, he sure does have a lot of thoughts about trans people. Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness tried, to no avail, to reason with John by introducing basic empathy into the equation, and later, accused him and JK of “punching down.”

However, John remained unmoved and unfunny.

I guess John is the spokesperson for The Knights That Say “Wokes” now. John’s still popping off over there on his page, raging against “woke culture” ruing comedy. If this bothers you as a fan of Monty Python, the good news is that Michael Palin’s last Tweet was a tribute to his dear friend Terry Jones who died in January. He’s not even verified! Michael was always my favorite anyway.

Pic: Wenn.com


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