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How to Brand your Blog: 10 Blog Branding Tips!


Discovering how to brand your blog effectively is important in making your blog easily recognisable across different platforms. Firstly, deciding how to brand your blog effectively is a vital step in encouraging users to click on your content. It has taken a long time, but I am finally happy with the way I have chosen to brand my blog. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to share my branding experience from my degree modules and my own personal blog experience to help others improve their branding game.

What is Blog Branding?

Branding is overall the promotion of a product or service by means of advertising and distinctive design. A brand is a name, design or feature that identifies a blog as distinct from other websites. The visual and content elements involved in blogging can be adapted to enhance your audiences experience and increase your blog’s position on the internet.

Brand Your Blog Through Search Engine Optimisation

Before we venture into visual branding, it is so important to observe your sites keyword and search engine branding. How do you want your blog to be known on the internet? What is your niche? For instance, I keep my platform business focused. Therefore, I have a small list of five key words I include in every single post to maintain branding consistency. The five words I aim to include in every blog post are: Business, Marketing, Brand, Content and Social Media.

Looking to establish your blog in a particular field? I would advise making a branding list for yourself to keep your posts on topic. Furthermore, focusing your blog or brand around key words and topics allows you to slowly build up a brand identity. Brand identity helps from an audience perspective because individuals who you are targeting can quickly identify you in a specific area. In addition, it helps you from a SEO viewpoint as your posts will appear frequently in specific searches. Effective keyword branding across your social media platforms and your blog allows Google to recognise your site in a specific area of speciality. Moreover, you will rank much higher in a specific niche. An amazing article I love is this one by Jenny Marston, found here.

Maintaining An Amazing Visual Brand Design

Let’s move on to brand design. Brand design can work for or against your blog. Therefore, one of the main factors we must keep in mind throughout is consistency. Studies have found 94% of the time, someone’s first impression of a blog is based on design. You want your blog to stand out against competition and brand design is a simple way to do that.

Social Media Post Design

There are hundreds of posts on social media therefore it is important to ensure your post design stands out. Think about adding unique and eye-catching graphics to your designs. You can either create your own graphics or purchase graphics.

Design Bundles have an amazing range of clipart that can be used across your branding. They offer unique and quirky designs such as cute llama clipart and mouse clipart that can be used on your social media posts, for your logo or on your own design creations. Buying designs can help your website stand out as they are more unique and will also rank better on social media. For example, Pinterest prefers unique or paid graphics that less people have used. This will allow your post to rank higher.

Colours and Fonts

Maintaining a distinct colour scheme and font across all your social media channels will make your brand look fresh and sophisticated but most importantly, easily recognisable. Different marketers would recommend different colour schemes based on what audiences’ click the most. However, I think the colour scheme and font choice you use should reflect your brand and your personality. For instance, I have chosen pink, grey and white as my main colours, maintained across all my social media platforms.

I use the same fonts across my platforms to keep a consistent branding experience for visitors to my sites. For instance, shown is my Instagram and Pinterest.  

Website Design

I am far from a web design expert but from my experience of reading blogs and websites, website brand and design ensure your site gains reoccurring visitors and website layout should be considered. Each visitor that clicks on one of your blog links should have a simple and elegant viewing experience while on your blog. Your website should be easy to navigate and should again suit your overall brand design.

Unique Logo

Overall, the importance of creating a strong logo for your brand is massive- just look at huge brands like McDonald’s and Nike. The two brand’s logos have become global symbols to represent and recognise the two companies instantly and your blog logo should have the same effect. Your logo should represent your blog’s values and be used universally across your site as a symbol of authority. For instance, I have chosen to use my colour scheme and a computer screen to represent the business element to my site. Keep in mind, logos do not need to have one hundred different elements, just something simple and recognisable.

It is important to create a logo using pictures or symbols of a unique nature to keep consistency across your blog and social platforms.

Post Consistent High-Quality Content

Although this point does not link directly to branding, posting regular quality content is extremely important. This will build your brand and move your blog from several views to a well-established blog with thousands of daily views. You want to become the queen or king of your niche and to do this consistency is key. Whether you choose to post once weekly or once daily-stick to it. Google loves consistency and active sites with engagement. This will push your site into the higher ranks and the more you post the more chance you have of your blog appearing in different searches thus exposing your brand to a bigger audience.

Engagement is a vital indicator of whether your branding is effective or not. Producing quality content within your personal branding format consistently is hard work but it will help your brand reach new areas of the Internet. I have found the most effective content is content that answers an audience question. For instance, ‘How to effectively brand your blog?’. If you struggle with blog content ideas, my recent post gives one hundred unique seasonal content ideas for summer.

Hopefully this has given you some blog branding tips to enhance your website and social media channels. Branding is often something that is overlooked when creating a blog, but it massively effects the audiences’ first impression of your blog. If you have any further branding tips let me know in the comments as I love to hear your ideas!

Rachel x