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Homeless Woman Hog-tied By CHP and Removed From Abandoned Home

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A homeless woman was forcibly removed from her home on Thanksgiving Eve by the California Highway Patrol, and it has enraged folks who say the move is especially heartless during Thanksgiving 2020.

The woman appears to be hog-tied as she’s carried out of an abandoned home, as a number of protesters expressed great displeasure.

The officers were there to remove a number of people who broke into some homes that had been boarded up. 170 homes were supposed to be demolished as part of a plan to expand a local freeway. That plan was abandoned after neighbors rose up and complained.

A group called Reclaim and Rebuild Our Community appealed to California Governor Gavin Newsom, saying the families who were squatting in the homes had mostly been living in their cars and are now “sheltering in place” in the abandoned homes.

The group’s message … “We feel that amid the global pandemic it is irresponsible and inhumane for our state to be hoarding over 170 homes.”

It seems the government is unmoved, an official said their plan was to “remove trespassers so that properties can be re-secured and boarded up.”

What about the old saying … desperate times call for desperate measures?


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