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Hannibal is leaving Netflix in June 2021


It’s a sad day for Hannibal fans. We might all be still holding out hope for another season, but the latest news is a shot to an already bruised heart. The show will be leaving Netflix this June, according to What’s on Netflix.

Hannibal stars Mads Mikkelsen as the one and only Hannibal Lector. He is the manipulative, stealthy, and maniacal psychiatrist that makes his way into FBI investigations through one of their consultants, Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy.

While the show has fans that love it for different reasons, many became obsessed with the series because of the relationship between Hannibal and Will. The amount of fan fiction and fan art you can still find about them proves how prolific a ship they were. Whether it’s canon that they are in a relationship (a not exactly healthy one) or not depends on who you ask.

Besides Mikkelsen and Dancy, the show starred Laurence Fishbourne, Caroline Dhavernas, Scott Thompson, Aaron Abrams, and Gillian Anderson.

When does Hannibal leave Netflix?

Sadly, after June 5 of this year, fans won’t be able to watch the series on Netflix. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other places to stream it. It is still available on Amazon Prime and Hulu. And, there’s a distinct possibility it will move to Peacock since it originally aired on NBC.

What this means for any possible future seasons of Hannibal is still up in the air. While the show has been off the air since August 2015, there has still been a lot of talk about bringing the show back with Mikkelsen and Dancy, if not the rest of the cast.

The creator, Bryan Fuller, has tweeted #HannibalDeservesMore as recently as Feb. 12 of this year.

So while hope may have faded for a season 4 of Hannibal, there is still a tiny spark there for fans (including me) to hold onto.

For now, we can all binge-watch all three seasons of Hannibal on Netflix while it lasts and then either move to another streaming service to watch it or buy the series on DVD.

What are your thoughts on Hannibal leaving Netflix this June? Will you move to a different streaming service to watch it? Let us know in the comments below!

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