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Gundam release date updates: Will there be a Netflix movie? When is it coming out?


Ever since the Gundam franchise began with Mobile Suit Gundam on April 7, 1979, there have been many spinoffs and adaptations over the years that fans of the property can’t seem to get enough of year after year. It’s no secret that the anticipation for a big-budgeted Hollywood version, possibly releasing on Netflix, has risen to an all-time high, and it seems after patiently waiting, those who love the sci-fi titles may finally get one.

The property defined the “real robot” mecha anime genre by focusing on giant robot mobile suits in a militaristic setting and has become a Japanese Cultural icon. To say Gundam is popular is somewhat an understatement as in Tokyo, there stands a life-sized Unicorn Gundam, and the property is as popular in Japan as Star Wars is in the United States.

The franchise brings in ¥80 billion or $733,289,040 US a year, with ¥18.4 billion coming in from toys and merchandise. To this day, Gundam is still one of Bandai’s most popular assets.

There is no denying a big-budgeted Hollywood film similar to that of Power Rangers, Godzilla Vs. Kong or Pacific Rim needs to happen, so here is all of the information fans need about the Gundam release date and more below.

How many Gundam movies are there?

As mentioned, everyone knows the franchise started with the initial 1979 series. There have been a number have spinoffs, including animated movies, OVAs, specials, and TV Series. Some of these notable titles include Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Gundam Evolve, just to name a few.

There was also a live-action movie made in 1999. The Canadian military sci-fi film called G-Savior came out in Japan on June 18, 1999. The project was a joint effort between the animation studio Sunrise, the creator of the franchise, Yoshiyuki Tomino, and an independent film production company called Polestar entertainment.

Is there going to be a live-action Gundam movie?

In 2018 at the Anime Expo, Sunrise and Legendary Pictures announced a collaborative effort that would result in a big-budgeted live-action film, hopefully launching a successful franchise. Then in April 2021, Netflix had reportedly landed the project with Jordan Vogt-Robert set to direct.

Vogt-Robert is best known for directing the film Kong: Skull Island and is also said to be working on a live-action adaptation of the Metal Gear series for Sony Pictures, which could also end up on Netflix after the deal between the two powerhouses. Writing Gundam Wing will be Brian K. Vaughn, who is known for penning the comic book series Y: The Last Man, Runaways, Saga, Paper Girls, Ex Machina, and Pride of Baghdad. 

How long is the Gundam movie?

There has been no official runtime announced for the live-action movie heading to Netflix. It will land sometime between 90 and 120 minutes, with there being a very good chance that it will probably be longer than two hours like most of the big-budgeted franchise motion pictures that are released.

When is Gundam filming?

There has been no official announcement regarding when the production will begin. It’s anyone’s guess as to when new information will arrive regarding the filming of the live-action film focusing on giant robots, but it’s safe to assume there will be more information coming out soon regarding the exciting project.

Gundam release date

Neither Netflix nor Legendary has put out an official release date yet, and it seems the entire affair is in the very early stages. It would seem that the earliest one would suspect the film to arrive on the streaming service would 2022 or 2023, but this is all just speculation at this time.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information on the Gundam movie as it comes out as well as other important news and updates.

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