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Google has confirmed that the Manual Action Glitch is Resolved


From November 18, the manual action notices for some sites got vanished from the Google Search Console. However, on Monday, November 23, Google has confirmed that the company has fixed the bug. Daniel Waisberg, the spokesperson, has assured that they expect everything to be back to normal without much hassle.

Later, Waisberg confirmed that the glitch has had only affected a small number of sites and that it has been fixed without delay. However, it is not yet confirmed by Waisberg’s declaration whether the bug only affected a small percentage of sites driven by manual action or affected the sites using Google Search Console.

Although the bug has affected working from the 18th of November to 23rd, the manual actions, as confirmed by Google, are now being displayed, and the glitch has been resolved. SEOs, along with Google, too have confirmed that the glitch has been resolved.

Manual Action is issued by Google against a site only when human reviewers at Google determine that a certain page or site does not comply with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.

The Manual actions usually featured in Google Search Console get removed once the manual action is lifted. Hence, seeing a “no issues detected” message in the manual actions viewer within Google Search Console is considered a win-win situation, particularly if the site has manual action.


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