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Fun and Creative Ways to Save Money in 2021!


It is the start of 2021 and we all want to save our pennies. Christmas presents take up a large amount of my November and December income often leaving me with less money for the rest of the month. Although it may seem difficult to save money in the winter months, it is far from impossible! I have put together a list of ten fun and creative ways to save money this winter. These are my top tips for saving money through winter.

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own.*

Make Saving Money Fun and Creative with a Funny Cash Rule

I am awful with cash. It simply burns a hole in my pocket. I decided every time I get given a five-pound note, whether it be change from a purchase or tips from my job, I have to put it in my savings jar. No matter what if I get given a £5 note it goes into the jar.

This fun and creative way to save money may seem strange but it has worked perfectly for me since September. This saving tip works as it sets off a psychological trigger in your brain when you do something as simple as putting a certain amount away. It becomes a game in your own head but I can assure you stick it out and it works! If you can not afford to put £5 away, try £1 coins or 50p coins anything you can save!

Unsubscribe From Marketing Emails

If you are serious about cutting your spending and saving money, you need to eliminate the temptation. I am a very easily influenced person. As soon as I see the word ‘sale’ my brain automatically thinks I need to make a purchase. Despite the amazing sales if you want to start saving serious money, you need to stop the influences.

Discount Codes

If you do need to make a purchase, have a google and see if you can find a discount code. There are hundreds of sites with discount codes to save you pennies and it all adds up! You’d be very surprised at the amount of discount codes that are still active.

I would also advise checking blogs for discount codes as bloggers are often offered codes for their readers! For example, I have a discount code: RACHTALKS10 for 10% off your first Lyrical Host Payment.

So many places offer little discounts to save you some money, you just need to know where to find them!

Life Hack: So many brands use the code Welcome10 at the Checkout! The amount of times I have not been able to find a code then used welcome10 and saved 10% on my shopping is madness!

Switch off Your Appliances

I am basically writing this one as a point to self. Is your phone battery at 100% but you still have your charger in? Switch it off. Has your laptop been on charge the whole day? Switch it off. Make tiny little changes everyday such as switching off lights and turning off plugs at the wall. See the difference it can make to your electricity bills!

Save Money through Shared Streaming Accounts

I share all my streaming accounts with friends and family to keep the costs down. You can often buy two screens together instead of buying one screen separately when it comes to streaming services. Make sure you check to see if any of your friends want to share the payment before you both end up purchasing!

Sign Up for Loyalty Schemes or Reward Cards

Anywhere you shop see if they offer a loyalty scheme. The ones I personally use the most is my Boots Advantage Card and my Tesco Clubcard. Instead of carrying around fifty cards in your purse, many places now offer the option to scan your card using an app on your phone. This makes it super convenient to save money. Businesses often give special discounts to loyalty card holders too so keep an eye out!

Save Money By Buying in Bulk

There are certain items that save you money through buying in bulk. This is much easier for personal care items as you will always need them, so they won’t go to waste. For example, I purchase the same shampoo every single month so I always buy the three pack as it saves me a few pound a month and I also never run out! This idea does not work as well for items with a short use by date however so always check before purchasing.

Fun Ways to Save Money with Penny Jars

You know that penny jar you have been saving for over ten years? Now is the time to cash it in! You will be so surprised with how much you can save by creating a penny jar. If your looking to put money in your savings, cash in the penny jars around your home! Help yourself out, it is only sitting there!

Get Fun and Creative with a Side Hustle to Save Money

Think about what your interests and hobbies are and look at creating an income from it. For example, blogging is slowly becoming my side hustle. It has been a hobby for me since March, but I have recently started monetising my blog in little ways. The main way I have converted my hobby into a side hustle is by incorporating affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking to monetise your blog, I would recommend investing in Kayleigh’s A Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing, it taught me everything.

There are so many side hustles that can become a creative way to save money and if you have the time you can even create more than one. This article introduces you to so many different ways you can create a side hustle and earn serious money.

Save Money with a Creative Savings Challenge

Another fun and creative way to save money in 2020 is through setting yourself a savings challenge. When saving is not a challenge, it tends to get boring. If you struggle with motivation and want to make saving fun, you will benefit from taking part in a savings challenge. There are so many different challenges for you to try!

I personally love the idea of the 12 Week Travel Savings Challenge as it comes with a short-term, satisfying reward: a holiday! The goal is to save the money for your desired holiday in 12 weeks!

If you like taking a little holiday every couple of months, this is a great way to make saving up for it much more fun!

Hopefully this has given you some innovative ways of saving money that you might not of thought of. Everyone has different circumstances, set your own personal saving goals and only save what you can afford. Never leave yourself without!

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