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Flaming Lips Singer Wayne Coyne Breaks Down Bubble Concerts, COVID-Safe Fun

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‘Memba that concert full of fans enclosed in plastic bubbles — well, the Flaming Lips are bringing ’em back for the simplest, safest way to rock out … even before the coronavirus vaccines arrive.

Lead singer Wayne Coyne took us inside the bubble, if you will, explaining how it all works … ahead of 2 more shows they’re putting on next month. It might look like a logistical nightmare, but he says it’s all about organization and location.

He says they’ve actually got the whole thing down to a science … as the world saw when they debuted the COVID-safe concept last month. Videos from the show went viral due to the ingenuity.

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For starters, Wayne says you need a big old open space … and you also gotta herd the cattle a bit, so to speak, so everyone can get outfitted in their personal bubble before the concert kicks off — a good 45 minutes or so beforehand is about what’s necessary.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Can you hear anything from in there? And, how do they inflate it?? AND, can a person breathe in these damn things?!? All valid questions — and lucky for you, we asked. Wayne’s got all the answers.

While the pandemic brought almost all live shows to a halt this year, the industry’s excited about all the recent vaccine news. Lots of acts are planning for shows in Summer 2021, but for Wayne and the Flaming Lips … there’s no need to postpone when ya can bubble today!!!

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