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FJD 3D excavator guidance system is an excavator grade control system with high construction accuracy. It uses a 3D reference model, displaying the real-time excavator and bucket position. And shows the real-time excavation and filling workload to complete the goal of digitally guiding excavation construction.

FJD 3D excavator guidance system uses RTK combined with GNSS technology, to achieve the excavator grade control accuracy reaching 3cm.

Function of FJD Excavator Grade Control

3D Model Visual Guide

Through the real-time 3D animation model displayed on the control terminal, the operator is guided to control the excavator, reducing repeated measurements and avoiding rework.

Task Visualization

Visually view the task progress, slope, depth, construction reference point, etc. through the image of the control terminal to ensure the quality of construction. 

Three Task Generation Modes

This 3D excavator grade control system supports three task generation modes: slope and depth settings, CAD design file import, and custom-design. Users can choose mode according to needs, which is convenient to use.

Remote Control

The operator does not need to be in the cab, as long as he is within the receiving range of the remote control signal, he can control the excavator. (Level 3*)

Digital Construction VS Traditional Construction

Using FJD 3D excavator guidance system simplifies the repetitive steps of lofting, piling and measuring in traditional construction, making construction easier and more efficient.

1. 45% Save Fuel Consumption

2. 150% Increase Proportion of Measuring Point Accuracy Within 3cm

3. 36% Save Labor Hours

Features of FJD 3D Grade Control System

High Accuracy, 3cm

Based on GNSS, RTK technology and attitude sensor module, users can obtain the real time centimeter level accuracy positioning of bucket. Guiding the operator to precise construction with 3cm accuracy.

High Construction Quality

Through the visualization of the task, it is possible to check the excavator grade status and control construction task in real time. This guarantees the high quality of construction.

Easy to Use

With the simple and intuitive 3D model animation display, the operator can clearly see the current construction status and can precisely control the excavator, simply and quickly complete the operation.

Cost Reduction

Reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for auxiliary measurement personnel, and reduce material loss by high-precision guidance operations.

Safety Guarantee

Sometimes staking and grade checkers are put in dangerous positions, such as the bottom of a trench. This system avoids repetitive staking and inspection, greatly guarantees the safety of construction.

Extensive Adaptability

Support multiple brands of excavators, and support multiple types of buckets: universal buckets, tilt buckets, tilt rotator buckets, etc.

Components of FJD Excavator Grade Control

Control Terminal

Human Machine Interface (HMI), control and display terminal of the excavator. The size is 10.1''. Users can view and control the status of the excavator and bucket.

Attitude Sensor Modules

Obtain attitude information. The info will be transmitted to the control terminal, and the coordinates of the excavator bucket teeth are finally obtained through calculation.

For general excavators, we have a total of four attitude sensors:

1. Excavator Platform Attitude Sensor

2. Boom Attitude Sensor

3. Stick Attitude Sensor

4. Bucket Attitude Sensor

GNSS Antenna

Receive signal from the satellite and get the coordinates of the excavator. Two GNSS antennas, one for positioning and one for orientation.

4G Antenna

Receive the network RTK signal. Realize the communication between the control terminal and the cellular information (4G).

Radio Antenna

Receive the base station RTK signal. Realize the communication between the control terminal and the RTK mobile base station.

Application of FJD 3D Grade Control System

FJD 3D excavator guidance system can be widely used in construction scenarios with high requirements for excavator grade control operation accuracy.

  • Slope Brushing
  • Land Leveling
  • Wading Operation
  • Deep Excavation

What Do Our Customer Say About FJD 3D Grade Control System?

Missouri and Arkansas, USA

"I have equipped the CAT 320 excavator with the 3D excavator grade control system from FJDynamics for my digging channel work in the field. I can monitor and control tasks in real time on the display in the cab. That is great!"

South Korea

"The position of the bucket tooth is accurately displayed on the screen, and the set 0 point is perfectly reached. This 3D excavator grade control system is too simple to operate. I even think that inexperienced people can quickly dig accurately."

Varna, Bulgaria

"GEOVARA Ltd. has successfully installed FJDynamics excavator grade control system in Varna so that underwater work can be carried out with a real-time accuracy of 1-3 cm."

Content from: https://www.fjdynamics.com/product/excavatorguidance.html