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Emily in Paris season 2 has begun filming in France


The Netflix original series Emily in Paris was the streamer’s most-watched comedy of 2020. Fans of the series have been waiting for any news regarding filming for the anticipated second season and Netflix announced Monday that filming has begun for season 2.

The new season is currently filming in Paris and St. Tropez. The series stars Lily Collins in the titular role, as Emily leaves her home in Chicago to start her dream job in Paris. She learns the ins and outs of Parisian life, and although it takes some time, she wins over her co-workers, who aren’t thrilled with the idea of an American giving them advice.

Emily tries to juggle living in a new country, a new career path, and since she is in the City of Love, some romance. Her handsome neighbor Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo) catches her eye, but she finds out he is dating one of her new friends Camille (Camille Razat). That wrinkle adds a whole new dynamic to the storyline.

The cast took to social media to make the announcement that they’re working on the second season.

What can we expect from Emily in Paris season 2?

The end of season 1 gave us some storylines that will hopefully be carried over. Emily’s boss, Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), decided not to terminate her but has stated she will be tougher on her moving forward.

Gabriel isn’t moving away, and Camille wanted to talk to Emily about Gabriel. As with any romantic comedy, you have to have some fun and drama to make it worth the viewer’s time.

Mathieu (Charles Martins) also told Emily she should come to St. Tropez with him for a weekend in season one. Could the fact that Emily in Paris is filming there mean something about that story?

There is also the Antoine (William Abadie) situation. Antoine, a client of Emily’s firm, always puts the moves on her, even though he is married and has a mistress. In the season finale, Antoine, his wife Catherine (Charley Fouquet) and his mistress—and Emily’s boss—Sylvie are at Gabriel’s restaurant. The wife comments to Emily that she is glad Emily will be “taking over the account. What a story-changer that would be!

We also saw Mindy (Ashley Park), Emily’s closest friend in Paris, move in with Emily. It will be fun to see how the roommates acclimate to one another. They are two very different personalities who make a great friendship, but how will they fare as roommates?

Many storylines could be explored in season 2, but only time will tell which ones will be fleshed out. Keep watching Netflix Life as we will be sure to share all the news about the second season of Emily in Paris.

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